Chincoteague Island Secrets Revealed

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If you didn’t succumb to the ailment of horse craziness as a toddler, then the odds are high that you understand neither where Chincoteague Tropical island is nor why it is vital. So we’re here for you to fill you in on the secrets that make the seven-mile length of Chincoteague Island alluring to over a million visitors every year. The actual Interesting Info about Chincoteague Kayaking.

One of those secrets is due to horses, which have inhabited Chincoteague and its neighbor Assateague Tropical Island for longer than any individual can remember. The secret lies in what sort of horses, which are pony-sized, came to run free about two rather inhospitable (for horses, anyway) strips involving sand and marsh exactly where fresh water is at a premium, plus the grass comes already salted.

If, on the other hand, you had been a victim of horse craziness in your youth, you would know all about the classic child book Misty of Chincoteague, published in 1947 with primarily responsible for putting Chincoteague Island on the fast keep tabs on to tourism super-stardom.

Throughout her book, Marguerite Holly attributed the existence of the Chincoteague ponies to the shipwreck of any Spanish ship in the 1600s. While the more likely story is today’s ponies are a rejection of ones turned unfastened by 18th-century tropical island settlers to graze from the islands’ vast expanses associated with marsh grass, no one understands for sure.

That may be one Chincoteague Island secret forever dropped into history, but we will reveal a few more, putting a bit of extra island happiness to your visit.

The gently flavored, slightly salty Chincoteague oysters, a specialty in the Island’s famous Island consuming establishment, The Village Eating place, taste different from oysters you’ll have anywhere else. Why? Simply because all oysters take on the taste of their surroundings. Fresh Chincoteague oysters will give you an authentic flavor of what it means to live upon Chincoteague!

Assateague Island’s seashores, just a concise link east of the Town associated with Chincoteague, are certainly a few of the genuinely great beaches you’ve never noticed. Standing on a stretch of undeveloped Assateague waterfront, which appears to extend endlessly in possible directions, you’ll be facing a good expanse of open water that reaches the banks of Europe.

Behind you will be dune upon mud dune, and if you’re from the right place, you’ll be able to spot typically the Assateague Island Light Property, which has stood sentinel about the entire scene since 1868. There are no cabanas; the hot dog is an acronym or boardwalk with present hawkers: just you, the ocean, the sand, and the skies.

The weekly National Beach front campfire put on during the summertime by the National Park Assistance rangers who maintain the Assateague Island National Seashore will give you a chance to lie on the beachfront under the stars munching on your toasted marshmallows and completing your head with tales involving Blackbeard the Pirate’s missing treasure as the Assateague Gentle House beam searches typically the darkness overhead. (The top-secret location of Blackbeard’s prize remains unrevealed. )

Secret treasure may nevertheless be yours; however, if you remain at Payne’s Sea Gifts, a former hot dog, endure on Ridge Road throughout Chincoteague. This odd place has evolved into one of the most incredible curio shops you’ll find in your life.

If your shell looking for efforts on Assateague came up empty, Payne’s might supply you with beach glass or any number of shells– horseshoe crab shells in particular. Across the street through Payne’s is a 20-foot-high Viking statue. Payne’s Ocean Treasure’s late proprietor Mister. Capt’n Bob Payne bought the statue from a defunct Muffler Man store.

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