Choose a professional SEO company with 5 questions

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Usually when it comes to SEO, if someone asks me, most of my advice is. Try to study and do it yourself within the organization first. (If there is a team that is ready) or hire a full-time SEO expert to be an employee in the company. It’s better to go but if necessary Or want to hire an SEO company? Actually, the most difficult process, but the most important. is to choose a company that will do SEO for us


The question is, where is it difficult?

Since there are so many SEO firms out there (try to Google it), the difficulty is not in the search, because actually, the difficulty is there. How do we know which companies are doing SEO, how are they doing, good or bad? do it right or wrong (according to Google principles) and match the purpose of our expectations? Especially in the case that we ourselves do not have much knowledge in this field. The more I don’t know how to ask and decide which company is better. Therefore, this article will introduce methods for asking questions and selecting an SEO company. Let’s read it as an idea to see if it can be applied.


  1. Can you guarantee #1 in the search results of the main keywords?

Of course, most people, including us, want their keywords to rank first.  If the answer is “yes,” be careful right away. The reason is that in reality, no one can guarantee a keyword’s ranking at all. The only guarantee is Google because no one really knows how the Google ranking algorithm works. What are all the factors? Most of what we’ve probably read about SEO articles is based on hands-on experience. and some that Google has published in the  SEO starter guide itself.


  1. What is the first thing you will do in SEO for this website?

What we need to understand first and foremost is that SEO company Sydney is a step-by-step process. If we start by thinking about what keywords are good, where can we build backlinks? It’s a very bad start, and it’s going to make SEO’s growth quite scrappy. not as successful as it should be Companies that have experience in SEO will have a clear work process. Not starting with keywords and backlinks type questions, but always starting with the on-site technical audit because if fundamentally the structure still has problems, then doing other parts will not work as well as they should. The important thing is to do an Audit first so that we can fix important problems. First and often is a Quick Win Solution that can help increase traffic to the website more.


  1. Can we cancel the contract?

Of course, doing SEO is something that takes some time. Therefore, SEO outsourcing is usually contracted for at least 6 months or a year. which is normal But the termination of the contract should be something that needs to be discussed at the outset. that it can be done in the event that the SEO company does not perform really well which is a matter that is fair to both parties But I reiterate that it should give SEO for at least 3 months or more. not just a couple of weeks


  1. Do you keep your Search Engine Algorithm updated?

This answer, if it is a company that has been doing SEO for quite some time, should be able to answer the essence of all the main algorithms, how each algorithm is different. How does each function? Try reading  SEO Algorithm Updates or look at the picture below. before asking him We, too, should have some knowledge.


  1. What does it say? You have succeeded in SEO.

This type of question will help us distinguish views on the success of each SEO company, which will help us know which ones have guidelines and goals that fit our expectations. Experienced SEO (Not about doing it for a long time) and really understanding the needs of customers. Sales, ROI, and conversion rates are often discussed and focused on. It’s not just better keyword rankings, organic search will grow, or some metrics will improve. Because in the end, the matter of keyword ranking is only part of the goal.


In fact, in business, we want more traffic to become our “customers”. But as mentioned above, this does not mean that ROI or conversion rate has to be KPIs of SEO companies because there are many other factors involved as well. What SEO companies have to offer to us is still a matter of organic growth.

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