Components for Assembling Gaming PC by PC Power Up


Assembling a gaming PC often seems to be something scary for those who do not have special knowledge in the field of computer technology, but today it is much easier than it seems thanks to PC Power Up site that recommend users best components for gaming PC that bring user’s gaming experience to next level.

One of the big benefits of building your own gaming PC is that you can intelligently fit your external peripherals exactly as you wish.


RAM is important when it comes to things like video editing, but when it comes to gaming. If your PC has at least 4GB of DDR 3 RAM it is unlikely to make any noticeable improvement in quality. Even the speed of the RAM is not that important however, some people believe that the more GB, the more FPS will be, but in fact it has been proven that the difference between 4, 8 and 16 GB is negligible. The only thing to consider when buying RAM is its reliability. However, if you are an esthete, then match the color of other components.

Gaming Keyboard:-

There are many types of keyboards and it is quite difficult to identify them all; prices range from cheap to “money doesn’t matter”.

The gaming keyboard is one of the purely individual things. Do you like mechanical keyboards? If so, which keys do you prefer? Are you a fan of mini displays? How many macros do you think you need? Do you prefer a standard or compact size?

These varieties of gaming keyboards provide a completely different gaming experience, especially if you buy a keyboard for games of a certain genre. Having a lot of macros can affect RTS or MMO games, and the built-in displays can be useful for shooters and RPGs.

Solid State Drive:-

Although SSD does not increase the number of game frames per second, it does its job amazingly speeding up the entire system.

The difference between solid state drives and regular hard drives is striking, once you buy the first one, you will forget what the boot screen is.

Not only does it speed up the operating system allowing you to start the game faster, but more importantly games will start almost instantly and load times between stages will be reduced to 0.

Another reason why SSDs are a smart investment; they are smaller, quieter and cooler than hard drives, which means they will fit better with your device. For mass storage of information, it is expensive so many buy a large hard drive for non-gaming purposes.


The motherboard is a pretty tricky thing. On the one hand, an expensive board will not improve the quality of the game. On the other hand, however, if you want a cutting edge gaming PC, you need a nimble motherboard.

It should have multiple connectors, inputs and the ability to connect to more high-tech components.

You should also think about the relevance of the board. When newer and better components come out, it is very important to have a motherboard that is compatible with them.