CryptopayIn Review – Assessing their Crypto Offerings

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Cryptocurrencies have become the next big thing in just over a decade. What had once been seen as nothing more than a gimmick or novelty, has now quickly become the norm. Every new ICO makes it apparent that crypto is not going anywhere and digital currencies are here to stay. If you want to delve into this space, you will require the services of a crypto exchange and there is a horde of them to be found. Checking out this CryptopayIn review is a must because this can help you in opting for the right exchange that is in line with your expectations.

Based in Estonia, a company by the name of Navasu OU owns and operates CryptopayIn, which has quickly spread its services across the world. It is operating in more than 34 countries and has a strong reputation in the market. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should not assess their offerings carefully before signing up. Doing this can ensure that you are not disappointed with the best crypto exchange. Let’s begin the assessment:

Can you diversify your crypto trading portfolio?

When you decide to sign up with a crypto exchange, it is obviously because you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in order to tap into the profits these volatile digital currencies can offer. However, you have to bear in mind that there are not just one, or two cryptocurrencies in the market. There are thousands of them that exist nowadays and each of them have a different level of profitability and risks.

Yes, Bitcoin is the leading crypto and everyone wants to invest in it, but there are plenty of others that can be just as profitable. You just need an exchange that can help you access them and it appears that CryptopayIn fits the bill. A look at their offerings shows that they have added a number of prominent cryptocurrencies to their offerings to help their clients in diversifying their crypto trading portfolio as per their preference.

You will be able to trade some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies at CryptopayIn that start with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, NEO and more.

Can you have peace of mind?

One of the most important aspects of an exchange that you need to assess is their security because you want to be able to trade with complete peace of mind. If you are constantly worrying about the safety of your data, or that of your funds, you will not be able to focus properly on your investments and this can lead to losses. The good news is that CryptopayIn has gone to great lengths to reassure their clients.

You will find that they are very proactive in terms of security and protect your funds and your personal data in the best possible way. The former is done at CryptopayIn via the use of segregated accounts for keeping all client deposits, so your money is only used for your own activities and not for the exchange’s obligations. The latter, on the other hand, is accomplished through the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that keeps all your data safe and away from outsiders.

Apart from these measures, you will also find that CryptopayIn adheres to the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies that can mitigate the risk of financial fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

Can you get any assistance?

It is also a must for you to assess the support the exchange can offer to you because you never know when you may need help. This is another area where you will not be disappointed with CryptopayIn because their customer support is top-notch. They are available round the clock on several phone numbers and via email, or you can fill out the contact form on their website.

The Verdict

Once you have completed your assessment of CryptopayIn, you can conclude that that it is a professional crypto exchange for everyone.

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