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If you want to get into a spiritualistic mood visit the world-famous Aurbindo Ashram and Auroville and stay blessed with a lot of serenity and goodness. And if you are interested in some lively activity and also fun, what better way as compared to attending the various fairs and also festivals that are organized often. And if you still haven’t got enough, you could go shopping in this particular shopper’s paradise. This is Pondicherry for you. Pondicherry tourism can be so dynamic that it has anything to offer to everyone.

Pondicherry travel and leisure highlight the trip to the particular serene beaches in and around Pondicherry. The town is also home to numerous heritage buildings and ancient monuments.

Pondicherry is also considered a particular center for Yoga and also Meditation in South The indian subcontinent. Yoga courses to suit the many tourists have been designed making them very attractive. The Section of Tourism of Pondicherry organizes the annual People from France Food festival also called the particular Gourmet which is another interest for tourists. The Organic Gardens of Pondicherry is incredibly famous and is home to numerous unusual specimens of plant life.


AUROVILLE is located around eight kilometers from Pondicherry and is a spot that you should not miss throughout a visit to Pondy.

Auroville is a township of worldwide essence. It has been conceived to fit people across 35 places to ancient cities with Tamil as well as Roman dwell as a community. It had become in 1968. The idea of that Utopian state was exposed to the Mother several decades rear, following which she gifted her blessings to this nobiliary task. The Government of China and later UNESCO welcomed often the suggestion and encouraged the item. Auroville is referred to as the city regarding Dawn. The city has been organized neatly. It has been broken into several zones. At the extreme center, there is a peaceful location consisting of the Matri Mandir, the gardens, the circle theater with the urn, and a pond.

Then comes the industrial sector which is directed at the design of green industries supposed to make the town self-sufficient. This region includes the city’s supervision and other training centers. Household Zone comes next which can be the largest area among all specific zones. More than half of the area will probably be green areas whereas the remaining would be the built surface. What is more, there is an international zone, a cultural zone, and an Environmentally friendly Belt zone. The Foreign zone is meant to coordinate national and cultural pavilions. In the Cultural zone, you will discover facilities for art in addition to sports and other cultural exercises. The city has been conceived to enjoy a green belt surrounding the item meant for organic farming, do and wildlife areas etcetera have been planned. Such fresh ideas like transformation connected with wasteland into a vibrant ecosystem have been successfully put in place.

ARIKAMEDLI- One of the must-take look places in Pondicherry is definitely Arikamedu. Arikamedu is a great holiday spot as it has a lot connected with historical relevance. A lot of learners arrive here on study adventures periodically. It is located on the financial institutions of the Ariyankuppam River concerning 4 km from Pondicherry. This place is appreciated as a trade center by the Romans a number of centuries backside.

The place was excavated repeatedly and it was concluded that this specific city was essentially directly into bead making and sportfishing and had trade relations with all the Romans. A lot of excavated substance shows signs of Aventure presence here. There are silver and gold coins, ceramics, and other materials excavated here that show a specific Roman connection. Wine has been supposed to have been imported whilst exports included textiles, glass, and so on. Chola coins will also be found here. The excavations brought into light several crucial findings of the olden time frame. There have been references made to that literature. The findings connected with Arikamedu have been preserved inside the Pondicherry museum for all to discover.

A present-day visitor is simply not likely to find any examples of the excavated material. There are actually the perpendicular walls plus the mission house which are the mere remnants of the past. Typically the trenches created by the excavations have been filled up. Now the spot has a thick mango along with a coconut plantation. Tourists usually take the river cruise and which is about 20 minutes and luxuriate in the view of the Veerampattinam Beachfront, the Aryankuppam River plus the lighthouse. The journey plus the destination is equally lovely. This trip down typically the river is bound to bring you close to nature.

THE FRENCH HISTORICAL PAST – Pondicherry is interchangeable with French Heritage throughout India and understandably to be able it served as the funds of the French Colonies within India. The town was below French administration for centuries with each other and hence it is imperative this place has a strong France feel in its architecture as well as monuments.
There are a lot of monuments right here which speak about the powerful French presence. It includes the actual French-built Children’s recreation area with a statue of Dupleix Marquis Joseph François.

Other monuments of French Traditions are the Maine building that houses the Puducherry Municipality, the Le Café that used to be the port workplace, The French war funeral in Goubert Avenue, The actual French consulate building, A well-abandoned lighthouse, The actual Aayi Mandapam built during Napoleon three and the Romain Rolland Library. Apart from these types, there are several churches and other ancient monuments which are part of the French Traditions. The Church of our Woman of the Angels at Dumas Street and the statue associated with Joan of Arc in Dumas Street. Are other memory joggers of French influence?

The actual Streets and Roads associated with Pondicherry have a marked France influence. The Beach road which is part of the Pondicherry heritage is really a classic example of a French building. Apart from these the various France learning institutes set up listed below are great reminders of the France Heritage in Pondicherry. This particular influence makes the place the pioneer in the field of fashion — be it in garments or maybe home interiors. There are a lot of residences that are ancient and designed in accordance with the French technique of architecture.

A visitor to Pondicherry is bound to experience the style and magnificence of the French influence that was infused into the length and breadth involving Pondicherry.

BOTANICAL GARDEN rapid A visit to Pondicherry is usually incomplete without making a day at the Botanical Gardens. Pondicherry in general has very agricultural soil, which accounts for the actual greenery and vegetation around the place. It is the little question then that the town offers one of the finest botanical home gardens in the country. The Botanical Backyard in Pondicherry is home to a number of species of rare and gorgeous trees and plants.

The actual approach to the botanical home gardens, which are in the heart of the city, is reminiscent of the actual French Architecture. The origin of Botanical gardens dates back in order to 1826. A lot of exotic flower species were introduced by the French here and the back garden itself is laid along in the French style. This kind of place is blissful and intended for nature lovers and is where you can experience a lot of peace along with calm.

The Garden serves as an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A lot of shady forest, beautiful flowers and the remarkable layout of the park using pruned plants on flat roads help to create a spirited effort along with a commitment atmosphere of utter visual extravaganza. Tourists along with students on study expeditions flock to the place.

This is a partidario part of Pondicherry tourism. Typically the Botanical Gardens in Pondicherry have also been provided with a musical technology fountain. Colorful musical waterfall shows are conducted on weekends and holidays. It offers superior for a wonderful sensory expertise.

CHUNNAMBAR RESORT – Chunnambar Resort is along the banking companies of Ariyankkupam River with regards 8 km away from Pondicherry. There is a beach in Chunnambar. The place has been developed being a major tourist center. The spot is a center for beachfront sports with its clean sands and clear waters. You might like to catch a glimpse involving playful dolphins.

Chunnambar holiday resort boasts facilities of worldwide standards. The natural beauty of the place combined with the regulators has helped in transforming this place into one of the very most desirable tourist destinations in this section of the world.

Chunnambar Resort provides renting of boats which you could go on boat trips along the backwaters. Trekking, as well as picnics, are my favorite actions here. The resort attracts a lot of foreign and household tourists alike. The services are of international requirements.

There is a famous restaurant the Seagull restaurant which offers Tandoori food and Chinese food. You can also avail of food that fits all palettes. Accommodations allow me to share international standards. An important feature about this place lies in the fact it offers all possible modern-day amenities simultaneously being alongside nature. They have three top-rated houses here. The feeling is usually beyond words. It is acceptable to place for a quiet continue to be. One could also get several complexes. There are Ashram accommodations in the two-story tree top-rated house aptly named Dawn Panorama.

AUROBINDO ASHRAM rapid Pondicherry is synonymous while using Aurbindo Ashram. It is the area where the great Indian thinker Aurbindo lived and passed on. The Ashram is in Bum out over de la Marine. It is also where Aurbindo’s disciple and associate Mirra Alfassa who was via Paris and who after came to be known as the mother was living and died.

The ashram was set up in the year 1926 by Sri Aurbindo Ghose. His philosophy is derived from the combination of yoga and modern-day science. The ashram has brought a lot of fame in Indian and abroad. The supporters come from all over the world. The ashram is one of the richest in the country. Aurbindo Ashram is instrumental in giving Pondicherry the name of the spiritual town.

The Ashram has been instrumental in causing the spiritual feel of the town. The Ashram consists of visitor houses as well. The main Ashram building is the place in which the Samadhi of Sir Aurbindo and the Mother is held. This place is protected with flowers daily. There exists a Library as well.

Aurbindo Ashram believes in being a self-sufficient device. It has a factory where companies incense sticks, handmade documents, greeting cards, perfumed candles, or some sort of communication. These are very popular and bought from the domestic and worldwide markets. Aurbindo Ashram may be the proud possession of Pondicherry.


Pondicherry houses several famous Churches. Numerous churches were built by the French, and their structure, as well as architecture, gives a definite France feel.

One such example of the church is the Church from the Sacred Heart of Christ. This church is full of eyes pleasing paintings in discolored glass and also has gorgeous marble decorations. This cathedral was supposed to have been set up in the 1 700s by simply French Missionaries. Church on the Sacred Heart of And also is a catholic church which is white and brown composition.

The other famous churches add the Church of Capuchins, Notre dame de, The Notre Dame des Agnes, the Religious organization of the Assumption, The Religious organization of Our Lady of Lourdes, and the Church of Our Girls of Good Health Church involving Capuchins holds the difference of being one of the first churches throughout Pondicherry. Though this religious organization has lost its outdated charm; it is still adored and houses an orphanage. The Notre dame Fuente reminds one of the typical This particular language churches. The statue will be of Our Lady with the newborn Jesus in her forearms. The Notre Dame Kklk Agnes is a church developed on the Greek-Roman architectural design and style. The place is a visual treat because it has the much acclaimed necessary oil painting of Our Lady in the Assumption.


One of the best beaches in south India lies in Pondicherry. These kinds of beaches in Pondicherry are really clean with clear oceans and clean sands. To elevate it the beaches are generally not very crowded. Maximum proper care has been given to highlight the beauty of these kinds of beaches with cafes as well as other eateries along with resorts and also cottages for the visitors. These kinds of buildings are built in a way that affects the calmness and the organic beauty of the beach.

Serenity Shore is very much in the town in addition to characterizes the essence of their name. It has a very calm in addition to a serene atmosphere and the sands and the waters are extremely newly made.

The Paradise Beach buildings are the famous Chunnamber resort and are particularly on the Cuddalore main route. The highlight is that there is also a creek flowing on one edge. The beach is extremely attractive as the sands are very clean and the h2o crystal clear. The beach offers a lot of sports facilities and holiday accommodation on treetop houses which can be an added attraction. One can furthermore catch a glimpse of the friendly dolphins. The Paradisepoker beach or the Plage Paradiso is one of the most famous beaches regarding Pondicherry.

The Promenade Seashore and the monuments around consult the rich heritage connected with Pondicherry. Some of the important patients of the city are on often the shores of this beautiful shore. They include the statues connected with Mahatma Gandhi, Joan connected with Arc, and Dupleix often the War Memorial, etc. Information pertaining to Pondicherry can be acquired over the information center which people the beach.

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