Developing a Website for an E-commerce Business

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One essential part of managing an online business is building an e-commerce website; however, you’ll have to integrate the right features to succeed. One of the best sites will provide their customers with the necessary means and vendors, which will lead to a much smoother shopping experience and fruitful transaction. Your website should also reflect your company’s qualities and characteristics.


Building a quality website design might sound expensive, but it has a massive role in the overall success of your company. You need a website that allows flexibility for design upgrades that will help you increase brand awareness and includes the foundation for a quality website design. Below are nine features your website should have.


Payment Integration

Your website shouldn’t have limited payment gateways. Integrating different payment methods is what makes a website more accessible to customers. It’s an important feature that will make or break a customer’s shopping experience. You can invest in pre-approved payment gateways that you can easily integrate into your website.


Security and Encryption

It’s a feature that you shouldn’t ignore because it ensures that your website doesn’t store important data like credit card information. It allows them to pay for their orders through a secure payment gateway. Ensure that your customers’ information isn’t stored and your web pages have SSL encryption. You should use the latest innovations to protect and secure your servers.


Mobile Compatibility

You also have three solutions to make your website mobile-friendly. First, you should ensure that its mobile view is responsive based on the device. Use a mobile-specific template that optimizes your website in size to increase its loading time. Use the right tool for building your mobile app because more and more customers now use their phones to browse the internet.


Having a mobile-friendly site is one of the essential features you should have because it increases engagement on a large scale.


Logistics Integration

Integrating multiple logistics services offers seamless shipping and ensures that you and your customers get real-time updates. You can also enjoy seamless order tracking, which is a feature that will help your business attract more customers. It’ll allow your customers to manage and track their packages from the same parcel instead of talking to multiple couriers separately.


Your customers will also first check the shipping services you offer before purchasing from your website. Most want to know when they can expect their package to arrive and how much it’ll cost them. Include these pieces of information on your website, such as on your FAQ page. If that’s not possible, you can build a page that talks about your available logistics services. That will be helpful, especially if shipping is complicated.


Easy-to-Navigate Pages

Your website should have its characteristics and personality to stand out from the rest of the competition. High-quality website designs are an essential part of running an e-commerce business. You need a platform that offers flexibility to highlight products and includes the foundation for an optimal website design.


Your website should have advanced search and be easy to navigate. It’ll help customers find a specific product as promptly as possible. It’ll be the key to offering a streamlined experience that maximizes conversions and traffic.



Building a page for testimonials and reviews is beneficial. It helps you earn customers’ trust and get more attention from them, increasing SEO rankings. One of the best means of establishing your website’s credibility is giving your customers the chance to leave a comment and review. It’ll show your potential customers how reliable and trustworthy you are in the industry.


Live Chat Feature

Having a live-chat feature is another thing that customers will want to see. It’s beneficial because it’ll allow your customers to directly communicate with your representatives and promptly address the problem they’re dealing with. Offering excellent customer service has an essential role in your company’s success. Many websites have opted to add a live chat feature instead of making their customers wait for the answers.



Making quality content is another challenge that most entrepreneurs face. Delivering new, unique content will also help increase your SEO rankings. Don’t use the same or old articles, product descriptions, or meta descriptions, and use relevant keywords. It’ll help improve your site’s quality and increase keyword density.


Social Media

Integrating buttons that link to your social media accounts will allow the customers to learn more about your business through different platforms. However, you have to be wise in using these channels because more and more customers are also using them. That makes social media the best way to connect and engage with your existing and potential customers.


Final Thoughts 

Using a cutting-edge or state-of-the-art website design will not guarantee an increase in your sales. Don’t forget to build an intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-navigate website.

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