Do I need braces?

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Dental braces are the support given to crooked teeth or misshapen teeth for better shape. Orthodontists fix dental braces, which last for a period of one to 3 years. Previously the braces were very uncomfortable, but with changing times, the techniques of using braces in North York are also evolving. They can be now fixed behind the teeth for less visibility and more comfort.

Maintaining good oral hygiene during the period your teeth are attached to the braces is very important.

Types of Braces

Here are types of braces in North York

1. Metal Braces: These are smaller braces that are faster to install and are very comfortable. They are non-removable till the process is completed and are more prevalent between children and teenagers.

2. Invisalign Braces: This new type of braces is getting popular these days. They are clear, almost invisible and removable.

3. Ceramic Braces: These are only metal braces made with ceramic material, which is almost tooth coloured for less visibility.

4. Lingual Braces: These are uncommon braces fixed behind the teeth. They are like metal braces, but the only difference is that they are fixed behind teeth, so they are not visible. Not all orthodontists can do this process; you need to be highly skilled for this.

5. Self-ligating Braces: These are similar to metal and ceramic braces, but unlike them, the things used to hold wire here are clips or doors, not rubber or elastic ties.

Why do you need braces?

Braces North York are needed to fix the following teeth-related issues:


Overbite is a condition where the upper section of teeth overlaps the lower section. This not only causes eating issues but can also cause severe gum damage, and the chances of dental issues increase in the upper section of teeth.

Open Bite

In this case, a visible gap can be noticed when someone tries to bite their food or smile. This gap is between the upper and lower set of teeth, and this causes severe joint pain in the jaw if not treated for a long period.


Just like overbite in an underbite, the lower set of teeth overlaps the upper set of teeth. Due to this, there can be several issues related to chewing food, dental damage, or facial pain.

Gap Between Teeth

Little or more, whatever it is, gaps between teeth are noticeable easily. If you have little space between the teeth, then food particles are likely to get stuck, which can cause you bad breath or gum problems. And if you have a huge gap between the teeth, it will cause severe gum-related diseases.

Misshapen or Crooked Teeth

When teeth are not in proper shape, it might hinder your confidence to smile when you are sitting between many people. They might even damage the inner skin of your mouth or gums, which can lead to bleeding and soreness.


To solve any of the above-mentioned teeth problems we need braces but there are a variety of braces you can choose from according to your wish. If you are thinking of getting braces in North York then try to find a good dentist who can help you with that.

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