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Dr lederman dentist


In every aspect, Dr Lederman Dentist and his Lederman & Lederman DDS is a family practice. They provide care for families who have been visiting them for many generations, as well as families who may be new to the neighbourhood. They have even witnessed patients get married and start new families! They are a family themselves, which is arguably most significant. During your visit to see them, you might run into as many as four Ledermans! To give the patients the finest care and comfort possible is a common philosophy and objective throughout the entire crew. They collaborate to provide exceptional care, and their teamwork is visible every day.


They support healthcare that is holistic. The practice’s guiding principle is to pay close attention to each patient’s overall health and wellness, even if they may be seeing you for dental care. They are proud to be able to assist patients in their quest to have a healthy mouth because it is only the first step toward living a healthy and happy life.

They are in a beautiful woodland park in BelRed, which is a very convenient location. During their appointments, patients can take in the serene nature of the northwest in this tranquil setting. All of the staff members deliberately welcome patients and foster a warm, cosy environment. Utilising the latest tools and techniques to deliver quick, safe care is one way to increase productivity.

dr lederman dentist
dr lederman dentist

Introducing Dr. Paul lederman

The field of dentistry is incredibly personally satisfying. It’s fulfilling to work with patients and instruct people on how to enhance their health. The aspects of their employment that they value most are the everyday chance to support patients in maintaining healthy smiles and to build enduring relationships with them and their families. Dr. has been giving patients the greatest dental care for the past 35 years, and it feels incredibly honoured to do so. He has the opportunity to transform their life and self-esteem by enhancing their oral health and smiles.

He took over his father’s business in 1961, and today, Dr. Donald Lederman still sees patients who first saw him fifty years ago. Some family have had a dental office for the past four generations! It is true that their relationship status speaks volumes about them on their own. He feels privileged to have patients’ trust and care placed in him.


  • Microbiology Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington, 1983.
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Washington School of Dentistry, 1987.

Dr. Lederman has been up to date with the most cutting-edge restorative techniques, products, and treatment strategies because of his continuous education. Invisalign® and CEREC® single-visit restorations are two examples of the more recent dental technologies on which he has concentrated most of his ongoing study. He has attended numerous restorative dentistry workshops led by Frank Spear at the Scottsdale Center, with a focus on cutting-edge treatment planning, interdisciplinary care, and other topics. Additionally, he is able to use his expertise as a dentist to advise upcoming generations of dentists on how to be genuinely great as an affiliate instructor at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Department of Oral Medicine.


  • Americans for Dental Health
  • Association of Dentists in Washington
  • Dental Society of Seattle and King County
  • Soaring study group
  • Leading Dentist in Seattle
  • A Preferred Provider for Invisalign
  • Dental Services Donated


He was reared in Bellevue, was born at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, and has spent the last 25 years living in Sammamish. He enjoys keeping active outside of the job by gardening, skiing, cooking, and travelling.

dr lederman dentist
dr lederman dentist

By getting in touch with their dental office, you can arrange an appointment with Dr. Lederman if you have any queries or dental problems. Patients from the nearby communities of Redmond, Issaquah, and Sammamish can easily reach their office. As a new member of their practice family, they eagerly await your arrival!


They understand that each patient is different, and they should all receive dental care that is tailored to meet their particular needs. Every time you and your family visit Lederman & Lederman, DDS in Bellevue, their skilled and knowledgeable dental team is dedicated to working with you to make your visit enjoyable, stress-free, and successful. You and your family are warmly welcomed, and they are eager to work with you.