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Dr sadeghi dentist


We will discuss about a renowned dr sadeghi dentist in this article. In 2011, Dr. Somayeh Sadeghi earned her dental degree from McGill University in Montreal. Dr. Sadeghi also has a master’s degree from McGill, where she concentrated on jaw discomfort and published several publications as a result of her research. She spent four years working in Northern Saskatchewan after completing general practice residencies at the University of Toronto and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. The family-friendly general and comprehensive dental care provided by Dr. Sadeghi and her staff in Trenton is available to everyone from young children to grandparents. Dr. Sadeghi has volunteered to provide dental care to those in need in several nations as a supporter of the value of preventative measures and oral health.

dr sadeghi dentist
dr sadeghi dentist

About Dr.Sadeghi 

Boston offered Dr. Sadeghi a lot more than baked beans. Dr. Sadeghi worked with prominent dentists in Boston for ten years to develop her abilities after earning her dental degree from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dentistry in 1996. In addition to learning dental skill and technique from the top dentists, she also discovered how to focus on her why in order to have a long career in dentistry that she will love until the day she quits.

Dr. Sadeghi enjoys travelling, gardening, reading, cooking, and other leisure activities. She loves swimming and used to be a lifeguard. She has started playing golf, but despite her dedication, she does not envisage a career in the sport in the near future. Patients frequently praise her for being kind, competent, empathetic, and gifted. They also think it’s “quite cool” that she wears a ring as a reminder of her Concordia University Electrical Engineering bachelor’s degree.

Why did Dr. Sadeghi choose to practise dentistry?

Dr. Sadeghi decided to become a dentist because she wanted to meaningfully assist others. She has carefully chosen her career to give her the chance to assist those who will profit from her knowledge, experience, and skills. That is why she is doing what she is doing.

She never stops improving and learning.

Lumineers, Snap-On Smile, Invisalign, and implantology are just a few of the advanced procedures Dr. Sadeghi has been trained in. She belongs to too many dental associations for us to name here, associations that vet candidates to make sure their members are utilising the most recent information and technology, best practises, and patient outcomes. But it all comes down to one simple fact: No matter what your dental needs are, you’re in good hands with Dr. Sadeghi.

Additionally, Dr. Sadeghi has been acknowledged as a top dentist by America’s Best Dentists via the National Consumer Advisory Board.

The accomplishments of Dr. Sadeghi have secured her place in history

That Dr. Sadeghi was listed in the Trademark Women of Distinction 2019 Honors Edition came as no surprise to us. The Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition is a tool for highlighting the professional achievements and inspiring tales of today’s top businesswomen. It only makes sense that Dr. Sadeghi is featured as Trademark Women of Distinction is committed to capturing and preserving women’s tales about their contributions to their profession.

We observe Dr. Sadeghi’s commitment to her patients day in and day out because we collaborate with her frequently. Her patient outcomes demonstrate that she is a committed dentist who will make time to speak with her patients. Understanding their objectives can help you create a treatment plan that will help them accomplish those objectives and more. Dr. Sadeghi, who keeps an eye on the market, is a trendsetter in addition to being current with industry best practices. We’re all honoured to work with someone who sets such high standards for patient care and results.

dr sadeghi dentist
dr sadeghi dentist

She has secretly donated her time and money to neighbourhood nonprofits, as seen by us. She has also made contributions to bigger charities like School on Wheels, Give Back a Smile, and the Oral Cancer Foundation, which have come to our attention.


Professional dental care has been offered for many years and counting by Dr. Sadeghi. She provides a range of dental services and complete smile rehabilitation for both aesthetic and practical reasons. She works arduously at their office to maintain the health of your smile and return its original form and functionality. So don’t hesitate to book an appointment now; she is the greatest in her field. She should be your first choice for any of your dental requirements.