Dubai Safari Packing Essentials

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Buggy rental in Dubai is no doubt an essential and common task for an Arabian adventure trip. However, after the arrival, necessary packing items are the first you are going to use. 

Dubai Desert Safari is a broad terminology encompassing recreation and healthy physical activities. There are numerous such things to do while exploring the wilderness. For instance, riding camels or getting henna tattoos. 

The following is the astute list of everything significant for both the summer and winter Dubai Safari Tour.

Summer or Winter Dresses

Before buggy rental in Dubai online, sitting on your home couch, pack the attire first. The clothing entirely depends on the weather you are traveling in. The UAE’s prime season is the scorching heat. However, there are a couple of cool months as well. 

Also, make sure to keep the occasions in mind. For example, you might attend a musical night at your destination. Although it is a Muslim country, there are still less to zero restrictions to foreigners’ dress code. Still, do not wear anything overexposed. 

Breathable and light material is perfect for summers. Emirates are well-known for their fabulous ceremonial dresses. Make sure to pack your best. 

Moreover, place jackets, coats and socks for winters in your travel bag. Abaya is a much more graceful and friendly move to impress the UAE natives. 

Comfy and Occasional Footwear

Packing the footwear variety is a hard-hitting task than buggy rental Dubai via Enduro Bike Adventure or any other service. The extra care towards the right choice is necessary. For walking on sand dunes, light boots and sneakers are apt. 

Evening party gowns are incomplete without heels. Sandals suit the night camping in desert. Hotel stays require extra comfy footwear. Flip flops are always handy for this purpose. Some prefer sandals for desert safari as well. 

The reason is the ease in taking out the sand. However, some worry about the damage because of heated sand. Men can pack the classic dress shoes for glittery occasions. While women also have the choice of flat pumps along with heels. 


Another must-have category is toiletries. From cleansing to grooming, these items are important for any journey. Whether you go out of the hotel room or not, toiletries can keep you alive. 

The basic ones include soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. They purify your skin, hair and teeth, a hygienic routine regime. 

Conditioning and masking assist in grooming and forming healthy hair texture. Moisturizers resolve the dryness, in a breathable way. Make sure to test the products before packing. Dubai safari in incomplete without sunscreen. Your skin will get exposed to a lot of sunlight. 

Furthermore, lip balms are best lip conditioners, especially for Dubai winters. Last but not least, the products for aroma therapy. Pack body mists and perfumes. The constant adventurous activities result in sweat and body odor. Keep scents in your buggy riding bag as well.

Tech Gear

We are dependent on the technology and that’s a fact. Thus, pack such accommodating and smart gadgets. The most important is your smartphone. The extensive outdoor activities require solar power bank. A robust phone case is a must as well. 

Wired chargers are best for hotel rooms. For night camping, pack lights. For instance, head torches or simple portable hand torches. Pack an internet device as well. 

Best is to do some research about networks or internet services UAE supports. It will help in accessing online buggy rental Dubai services. 

Keep extra digital storage with you. For example, an external hard drive. In this way, you can capture unlimited pictures and videos. Additionally, pack a tablet or laptop. It is always apt to entertain yourself with a movie or series. 

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