E-learning: new technologies to support education

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In the last decade, all existing sectors have been affected by the great change in technological innovations: from the blockchain that is changing the face of traditional finance to artificial intelligence.

New technologies in remote learning

This sudden change is also changing our daily habits, from the way we conceive of work, personal and professional relationships, and the way we approach education.

Let’s face it clearly, the idea that one day you could have an online tutor and study from home might seem like pure science fiction. Today, however, professionals, both in business and in training, are adopting these new technological tools, opening new frontiers of learning. This change is not only due to the pandemic crisis taking place worldwide: the process began ten years ago to deepen these new modalities thanks to technology were mostly a reality in the private sphere.

Who does not remember the advertisements of private schools or recoveries of school years that invited to graduate thanks to the possibility of attending online campuses?

E-learning is not the forced result of the pandemic but more necessary to optimize time and increase a more horizontal knowledge in the various fields.

More and more school structures are adopting the e-learning modality.

The Internet began to enter people’s lives as early as the late 90s. In fact, in that period, we witnessed the birth of many online forums, which is a short time became reference points for companies and professionals. Accessing it wasn’t as simple as today, and many platforms weren’t as reliable and efficient.

Over the years, these dynamics have found the solution with online tutoring platforms in different areas. The verticality of the forums addressed people, and questions were asked to professionals in the sector for which the venue was no longer an agora open to the public in totems. 

This new concept allowed professionals to increase their clientele thanks to the active participation of information disseminated online. This method was subsequently adopted by schools, thus allowing thousands of students and professionals to study and work from home in full autonomy.

Science never stands still: it is like a panorama that imperceptibly dissolves and transforms before our eyes. It is not possible at any moment to grasp it in all its details without being immediately outdated.

Education is speeding up this evolutionary process: more and more schools are availing themselves of the help of remote learning platforms by shortening distances more effectively and respecting the times of both the teacher and the student.

With Expertshare online learning software, this process is simplified. It’s more agile for users and for the structures to construct ad hoc virtual environments.

Furthermore, it is also important to take care of the visual aspect: the environments must be pleasant and adherent to reality. Psychologically, finding oneself within a user-friendly platform helps the subject and facilitates learning. 

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