Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts II 2020


Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts

These Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts are made of durable Cordura fabric with fully sealed seams and a waterproof stretch panel. In addition to their waterproof properties, they offer breathability and reflective logos. These shorts have an adjustable hem system and an elasticated waist. You’ll be glad you chose them. Here’s a look at what makes them special. Weigh the pros and cons of these shorts, and decide for yourself if they’re right.

ExoShell40DR fabric

The waterproof Endura MT500 shorts are made with three-layer, ExoShell40DR fabric. This fabric has a high-wicking, PFC-free inner layer and the same waterproof rating as standard ExoShell40. In addition, a stretch panel across the shoulders helps move the moisture away from your body, while clever venting keeps the shorts dry and comfortable.

These trousers feature a two-way zip down the leg for ventilation. A gusset on the inside prevents the trousers from billowing. A stretch seat panel is constructed from durable material, and the shorts are made from Endura’s new ExoShell40DR fabric. The MT500 Waterproof Trouser II features a beinreiss closure for ease of shoe removal. The ExoShell40DR fabric is breathable and provides exceptional water resistance.

Endura’s Mt500 Waterproof Shorts are both comfortable and protect you from the elements. The lightweight, breathable ExoShell40DR fabric is made with fine fibres and a patented active ingredient that helps repel rain and wind. In addition, the Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts are made to be paired with a pair of Endura Clickfast inner pants.

The MT500 Waterproof Trouser II is part of the Endura MT500 collection. The Athertons and Dowhill Legends use this garment on their riding adventures. These trousers are durable, windproof, and feature a split front, which makes them easier to step into and out of with your boots on. Additionally, this Endura MT500 Trouser II is PFC-Free and MadeKIND.

The Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts use a three-layer fabric called ExoShell40DR, which has a high breathability rating of 40,000 g/m2/24h. This fabric also has a fluorine-free membrane and a superfine tricot laminate that protects it from the sun’s harsh rays. In addition, the fabric is impregnated with a proprietary compound that enhances moisture transfer.

Clickfast compatibility

The Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts are 100% nylon and seam-sealed for durability. They feature hand pockets, a waterproof seat panel, a dropped front knee, and reflective details. And if you need more protection, you can upgrade them with a liner. The world’s largest online bike store has everything you need to protect your skin and gear.

The waterproof Endura shorts feature a secure button closure, a front zip fly, zippered hand pockets, and an extra-durable seat panel. In addition, these shorts feature a Clickfast-compatible waistband and a no-hassle return and replacement policy within 90 days of purchase. And they are Clickfast-compatible, so you can connect them with your clothing without the hassle of adjusting the fit.

The waterproof Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts are made of ExoShell60(TM) 3-Layer fabric. The waterproof fabric features taped seams, stretch panels, and a reinforced Cordura panel at the seat. They are also designed with reflective accents and drawcords. They are available in black. The brand has been creating cycling apparel for British conditions for decades.

These water-resistant shorts are ideal for mountain biking and trail riding. The Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts also have Clickfast compatibility, which makes them easy to wear with any of their compatible undershorts. With YKK zippers, you can have confidence knowing your kit will be secure in the rain. In addition, its PFC-free DWR reduces the environmental impact and is eco-friendly.

If you’re planning to buy Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts, you’ll need to know what features you want to look for. Check out the table below that lists the features of each product. Take your time and research what you need and want. After all, this will help you narrow down the best option. Make sure you spend time reading reviews and comparing features. Then, hopefully, you’ll find the perfect pair.


If you are looking for a pair of waterproof shorts that protect you from flying water, the Endura MT500 Waterproof Short II is the right choice. Not only do these shorts protect you from flying water, but they also offer comfort and are well made. To determine their durability, read their specifications. They are also made of eco-friendly PFC-free material. Furthermore, the material should not wear down too quickly to ensure durability.

Durability is another feature of these shorts. They are made of two materials: four-way stretch reinforced material on the seat and three-layer waterproof Exoshell60 fabric everywhere else. The seams are fully taped for extra protection. These shorts feel more comfortable than traditional cycling pants and have an excellent breathability rating of 60,000 gm/24hr. In addition, they dry quickly and are fully waterproof.

The Endura Mt500 Waterproof Short II features a waterproof seat and knee panels. They are also extremely comfortable to wear on any bike ride. In addition, they offer protection against branches and rocks. While these shorts do not feature pockets, they are perfect for rainy days and technical riding. So if you’re looking for a pair of waterproof shorts, they’re worth a look.

The Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts come in five sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect pair for you. These shorts fit true to size and provide excellent protection in muddy conditions. In addition, the inseam is longer, giving you extra protection when slipping on mud or other wet surfaces. The front inseam measures 13 1/2 inches, and the back is 12 inches.


Regarding waterproof cycling shorts, the Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts II 2020 are well worth the money. The shorts perform extremely well and are comfortable to wear. Whether going down a mountain or navigating a city, these shorts protect you from flying water. The fit is also very good, and the shorts are well made. Here are a few things to remember about this pair of cycling shorts.

The MT500 water-resistant shorts have plenty of features, such as a two-tone colour scheme, a reflective logo, and an extra wide waistband. Although they are made from a thick, durable material, they do not stretch as much as a regular pair. The MT500 shorts are most likely to be worn in cooler temperatures and therefore have a larger waistband to accommodate this.

The Endura MT500 Waterproof Shorts are available in five sizes and fit true to size. The long inseam is useful when riding in muddy conditions. It also helps protect your legs from getting wet in slippery mud. The inseam of these shorts is 13 1/2 inches. The back side is 12 inches. They are available in black or blue, depending on your preference.

The shorts are designed to be comfortable. They are made of two materials: a breathable, wicking material and a water-repellent membrane. The welded leg cuffs are designed to fit the body’s shape without binding or creeping up. Unlike many other waterproof cycling shorts, they do not have PFCs and are completely waterproof. Moreover, they are also environmentally friendly and do not contain any harmful chemicals.


The Endura MT500 Waterproof Short II is a cycling short that offers comfort and wet weather protection. The main sections are waterproof ExoShell40DR material and feature a three-layer construction that allows air to flow and prevent overheating. These shorts feature reflective rear detailing and a simple drawstring closure. In addition, the shorts are machine washable and have an eco-friendly fabric composition.

This durable and versatile pair of cycling shorts is made of PFC-free, three-layer ExoShell40DR fabric. These shorts are waterproof, breathable, and have stretch panels for added comfort. Additionally, these shorts have reflective accents and Clickfast poppers for a comfortable fit. And they are made with a quick-dry inner lining that helps prevent chafing.

Despite the price tag, these shorts are a great buy and will keep you protected on your mountain bike trails. The waterproof material makes them suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, but especially for muddy trails. The shorts are also fully-breathable, making them a great choice for the colder months. However, before purchasing a pair, read the product description thoroughly. It’s important to check the quality of Endura Mt500 Waterproof Shorts and compare prices. Then, you won’t regret it.


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