Entrepreneurs Guide to Maximizing Sales Profit


These are challenging times in addition to senior executives of all internet businesses are being forced to do anything and anything possible to tighten up all their organizations for maximum output. One area that requires constant vital review is what the organization is performing to maximize sales revenue. When you are interested in maximizing your gross sales revenue and feel you can utilize some guidance, we believe we could assist you in this effort.

Several executives look to the revenue organization to achieve this objective, yet that is only one of the about three areas that need to be managed and also aligned. Revenue maximization arises from improving and aligning about three areas including:

• Sales team Optimization

• Marketing Position

• Customer Intimacy

Each of the departments that touch the candidate and customer base needs to be lined up first with the corporate targets and with each other. These kinds of organizations also need to be functioning together and when they are not; revenue opportunity is lowered or lost altogether. Delivering these organizations into overall alignment is 50 percent of the solution. The balance in the opportunity comes from working with each and every organization jointly and independently to make certain they are maximizing their particular contribution.

Sales Force Optimization

The particular sales force is responsible for offering the majority of the revenue to the business. Therefore you need to be certain that your current sales organization is capable, focused and well maintained, and coached and that they are wasting their time in the area just where they can make their highest contribution.

Some sales experts believe that competence can be assessed through “personality” testing. We all disagree with that premise due to the fact too often we have seen people who have outgoing personalities do improperly and vice versa. We sense a better measure is just how focused and tenacious these are given the objective laid out on their behalf along with their attitude toward customer care.

The sales force needs to be properly managed by providing certain goals along with the metrics that are to be used to test their accomplishment. Often managers feel that often the compensation plan drives effectiveness, but again, we disagree to the extent that money is absolutely not usually the strongest driving force. Continual coaching is a considerably better method for maximizing sales as an alternative to intermittent sales training sessions. In addition, management needs to outline a specialized sales process to be used.

Finally, the sales force must harvest a certain portion of often the sales revenue on their own by networking and referrals, even so, having them do marketing assignments is a misuse of their time in addition to their skill set. The majority of sales leads ought to be generated by the marketing lending broker working in concert with the team.

Marketing Alignment

When gross sales revenue does not meet objectives in an unaligned organization, often the salespeople will criticize the human eye the leads produced along with the marketing department will criticize the sale organization for the absence of follow-up and thorough compensation. The objective therefore should be to create alignment, so that they include equal ownership of the profit generation process.

In many institutions, that marketing group doesn’t report to a senior administrator equal to the sales supervisor. They are often tasked with assignments to complete without any significant earnings objective measured by the top quality of the leads developed and also closed. A close-looped prospect management system is one of the most important cars for measuring performance as well as the quality of marketing efforts.

Some portion of the promoting effort is environmental which suggests it is simply generating consciousness in the marketplace. Although this is usually challenging to measure, it is management’s purpose to be certain the message is usually aligned with the corporation’s aims and the capabilities of the products being promoted.

Leads made through the marketing process should be qualified with regard to the degree of “immediate” interest from the prospect. When a high degree of interest is usually measured by the marketing staff, the lead is flipped over to the sales business for final nurturing as well as closure. If during this procedure it is determined that the potential customer has cooled in his attention level, responsibility for remaining in touch with him reverts back to marketing. Getting a salesman to willingly return the prospect to marketing is really a hard process and requires training and trust from each organization.

Customer Intimacy

Client intimacy begins with the advertising effort to find those potential customers that are best suited to utilize your own product or service. The prospect will produce an early “good” or “cautious” attitude about the company really early on in the relationship. As soon as in the sales cycle, the level of closeness should increase as the potential customer moves from a prospect to some customer relationship.

Once the purchase has been made, it is up to the shipping and support organization to maintain the client happy, satisfied along with engaged. Therefore this corporation needs to be aligned along with coaching in the process of keeping the buyer for life. It takes ten instances as much effort to gain a new customer as it can to sell a satisfied buyer something else or to renew.

Buyer intimacy is the responsibility of everybody who communicates with the buyer from the reception desk to the delivery specialist. Often the buyer relationship grows warmer after being in the hands of a looking after and involved delivery along with support organization.

Revenue Origin Assessment

Sales revenue will come from numerous sources. Profits normally flow from the sales staff, online or direct mail orders placed, and of course from the customer service corporation. Sometimes there are additional options for revenue that are overlooked and sometimes these can be easier to get than new accounts. Instances of these include subscriptions, partnering, company program funds, and economic services revenue. There is a price in conducting a review of these potential sources along with developing a plan to integrate all of them into the sales mix.


Only when the sales and advertising customer service organizations are in-line, communicating, and working with each other can revenue maximization be performed. Making this happen does not include a simple memo or a procedure guidebook or a redefinition of the compensation plan. Making this occur is an ongoing process starting with the CEO setting the road and then having senior administration and their staff generate the actual alignment required. Again, in case you are interested in maximizing your product sales revenue, we can assist with any of the processes described over. Please don’t hesitate to contact all of us.

S. Todd Spare

Controlling Partner

Spare and Acquaintances, LLC

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