Everything You Need To Know About Different Skin Types In 2022

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Whenever you walk up to a cosmetic store selling skincare products, the salesmen or salesgirl quickly points out your skin type. ‘Here, I think you should try this product, you have an oily T-zone, or, ‘you have dry skin that’s flaky, you should try an oil-based moisturizer.’ 

The thing is that we end up listening to what salespeople say and buying the product. In most cases, we make the wrong skincare product choices, as the people who suggested them do not know who we are like!

For example, you might be walking into a store just after hitting the gym. It is natural for the face to look greasy and oily. Sweat does that to your face. Or, you might be recovering from an illness and had been indoors for a long leading to dry and flaky skin from medications. 

Think about it; do you give a proper background regarding where you are coming from, what you have just done, or any illnesses you have recovered from to the salesperson? Probably not. This is why it is so important to know about different skin types. 

What determines your skin type?

When we are younger, most of us have normal skin. This changes into the different types as we age. According to leading dermatologists, the following factors determine the type of skin you have- 

  1. The level of water that is retained on your skin. This helps in the skin’s elasticity
  2. The oil quotient of your skin. This affects the skin’s level of softness.
  3. The sensitivity levels of the skin. This influences the type of products and side effects.

You need to understand that other factors like genetics, health condition, diet, physical activity, mental health, climate, temperature, and working habits all play an important role in determining our skin type.

In other words, you might start with normal skin at a young age and then slowly convert into having combination skin. When you are more advanced in years, the same can become an oily skin type. 

Experts also point out that illnesses, diseases, infections, and medications also play an important part in changing/determining skin types. This is why experts recommend that the safest option is to go for dermatologic products

List of 5 Major Skin Types you should know about in 2022

1. Normal Skin-

Many people believe that the normal skin type is the gold standard. This skin is neither too oily nor too dry. Individuals with a normal skin type do not suffer from sensitivity issues, imperfections, hyperpigmentation, or even acne. They have pores that are not visible and have a complexion that is glowing and radiant at all given points. 

2. Combination Skin-

One of the best giveaways of a combination skin type is a face that has an oily t-zone, but other than that is relatively dry. Individuals with a combination skin type have shinier looks, bigger and more open pores, higher chances of getting blackheads, and are prone to acne, especially in the forehead and nose regions. 

3. Dry Skin-

If you have been diagnosed with a dry skin type, you will experience dull, flaky skin and can easily suffer from redness and inflammation. Less oil and moisture make the skin look too leathery and soft. People that have dry skin can also get chapped or cracked. This can lead to blisters, pain, rough and scaly in the heart. 

4. Oily Skin-

Individuals with an oily skin type are less likely to get wrinkles or fine lines on their faces. However, they are far more prone to acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and open large pores on their face. The sebum production goes into overdrive mode. Your face has more oil than it needs. Oily skin happens in warm climates or because of hormonal changes. 

5. Sensitive Skin-

You can get rashes, itches, and irritation whenever you use new skincare products or try food items if you have sensitive skin. Individuals with sensitive skin experience redness, burning, dryness, and continuous itching that makes them touch their face multiple times during the day. Make sure that you can identify what is acting as the trigger. 

The Bottom Line

By having an idea about your exact skin type, you will always be better positioned to make informed decisions regarding skincare products. If you have any specific questions or want to know more about your skincare type, please let us know in the comments section. 

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