Fabletics Leggings Review: an interesting personal experience


Today, I will share with you my interesting Fabletics Leggings Review, we will see the VIP membership, the fabric quality, and more. My philosophy has always been to spend as little money as possible on sportswear.

Why buy pricey Lululemon shorts or a nearly $70 “Dare to Drape” shirt (that doesn’t seem appropriate for doing out anyhow) if you’re simply going to sweat through them and throw them in the dirty laundry?

As a result, my exercise attire often consists of black leggings and an old T-shirt. But a coworker/gym buddy just introduced me to Fabletics’ brightly colored yoga pants and matching shirts.

Fabletics Leggings Review – This member-based online store (they also have certain brick-and-mortar locations) provides significant savings on workout clothes and accessories that are similar in design and quality to those high-end fitness gear retailers.

My coworker’s justification for investing a little more money on workout equipment was that the better you look and feel, the harder you will work out.

I had my doubts, but since I was still attempting to shed a few obstinate Christmas pounds, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give her idea a go by becoming a VIP member at Fabletics.

Fabletics Leggings Review: The VIP membership

When you initially visit the Fabletics website, you’ll take a “lifestyle questionnaire” and share information about your exercise routine, where you like to work out (e.g., in a weight room, yoga class, or outside), what colors or designs you think are the most “fab,” and your body type.

On the first of every month, they will utilize this information to offer you many pages of tailored clothing alternatives.

Fabletics Leggings Review: When you sign up as a VIP member – the only membership choice — your first outfit is heavily reduced and costs approximately $25. You also receive substantially cheaper prices on products the first time you buy them, so select wisely.

For example, I paid $24 for two pairs of leggings that typically retail for $44.95 ($69.95 for non-VIP members) and another pair for $59.95 ($79.95 for non-VIP members). That’s a savings of $80.90 (VIP member price) or $125.90 (non-VIP pricing)!

Following that, the VIP pricing for ensembles is $49.95, which is the minimum you’ll spend each month on the Fabletics subscription model following your first month.

The quality of the products

Let’s check the quality using a famous Fabletics Leggings Review…

Overall, the style and durability are on par with other high-end stores such as Lululemon — but at a considerably cheaper price range. I purchased two pairs of High-Waisted Printed PowerHold leggings, and they both looked and fit well.

Fabletics Leggings Review – I like the compression, and they’ve kept their form and elasticity even after a few pieces of washing. My only criticism is that the waist folded over a few times while I was working out, so I had to adjust a lot. And adjusting in the middle of a run, squat session, or HIIT exercise is not enjoyable.

I also purchased the Courtney Midi Bra, which is fashionable but not supportive. Granted, I have a lot going on up there, but I wouldn’t suggest Fabletics bras unless you’re an A or B cup or simply looking for something to laze about.

But overall, it was good.

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Which is better, Gymshark or Fabletics?

Most of the Fabletics Leggings Reviews agree that when it comes to saving money, Gymshark is unquestionably the cheaper option, but becoming a Fabletics member can provide you some substantial discounts if the monthly price (and difficulty in quitting) is manageable for you.

Can you cancel Fabletics after two for twenty-four hours?

You have the option to terminate your Fabletics VIP Membership Account at any time. Simply call our Fashion Consultants at 1-844-Fabletics (1-844-322-5384), 7 days a week, to terminate your Account.