Five Revolutionary Marketing Ideas for Realtors and Real Estate Firms

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Gone were the days when cold calling and print advertising breathed life into real estate marketing. In today’s market, your marketing strategies need to constantly evolve to stand out and stay ahead of the stiff competition you are in.

Let’s help you with it. Here are five revolutionary marketing ideas to help you get in the lead and obtain potential leads. These strategies will focus on simple ideas that are direct and actionable.

1. Include the unconventional buyers in your marketing plan

Who are these strange buyers? In the US, it appears as if friends are combining into super groups to buy big homesteads. Even young professionals are combining their means to be able to buy a home.

Make sure that you include this market in your strategies. You may have been used to marketing to the nuclear family. But the years have evolved, and you should do too. You’ll see more multi-family properties, cooperatives, and multi-generational homes for this year and many years ahead.

2. Your real estate website must have a chatbot and other automated services

A chatbot is a simple yet effective way to engage with a potential client even when no one is available to attend to their queries right there and then. This is a proven method of collecting more information about your clients and automated Facebook messages, triggered email responses, and live answering services.

Even if you are operating your business alone or with a limited number of people, it will not reflect how you deal with your clients as long as you use the right tools.

By integrating a chatbot and other automated services on your websites, such as Zapier or Integromat, to name a few, everyone who wants to contact you can do so and get a response, even a digitally generated one.

3. Run Q&As, polls, and contests on Instagram

You may already have digital ads running on Facebook, but there will come a time when they will fail to get traction like they used to. When this happens, you will know it’s time to switch your social media marketing.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where you can build followers within the real estate market. However, it doesn’t mean that you will drop Facebook. Instead, you will still use Instagram to make engagement through Q&As, polls, and contests.

You can market these Q&As using real estate flyers you can create in minutes within PosterMyWall. 

You have to remember that potential clients are constantly found online. So it is not necessary to always come up with witty TikTok posts. Having a widely admired Instagram account is enough to build your brand. You can also use the strategies to get more details about your audience.

Polls can give you ideas about the kind of housing stock potential clients want. For example, it will gauge if more people in your area prefer townhomes or single-family homes. As markets continuously shift fast, you must ensure that your fingers are constantly on the pulse of your audience.

You will get a following of potential customers through social media while conducting direct market research.

4. Create a video marketing account

You can run an effective marketing campaign by making videos for your listings. This is a directly profitable technique of online marketing. You can also find video templates you can use for this purpose in graphic design tools, such as PosterMyWall.

Using video can help you sell listings faster. From there, you can turn your marketing steps toward brand awareness. Talking to your local audience is compelling. It allows you to address your audience’s needs and give them updates on the market.

After some time, you can gauge which type of content gives you more leads. But then, you have to monitor the metrics to check which videos gathered the most views and which ones are getting the most commitments.

It doesn’t always have to be the viral videos. They may get a lot of traffic but insufficient numbers of serious buyers. It would help if you had a well-rounded campaign. You need to have videos that can go viral, which will prompt people to look into your profile to check what other content you have.

These could be an aerial shot of the property, a real estate explainer video, a client testimonial video, an agent “About Me” video, and more.

5. Create a niche-based Facebook group

This is an excellent way of building engagement in many industries, including real estate. You can use this while targeting prospective buyers. First, choose a niche that is popular in your area. This will lead you to amass followers who can potentially become your clients.

It may not produce sales in an instant, but consider this a long-term strategy that can snag a buyer when you least expect it. Keep the page running and make it relevant by posting content regularly.


Times change, and you must be attuned to the changes to adapt and grow. For now, you have to focus on digital marketing, social media, and content creation while still implementing other conventional marketing methods on the side. Your goal as a realtor is to scale your team and get more leads and closings.

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