Fjallraven Keb Jacket Review


If you’re looking for a new jacket, the Fjallraven Keb Jacket Review may be just what you’re looking for. This technical jacket features an Eco-Shell fabric that combines high performance with minimal environmental impact. Whether going on a day hike, ice climbing or running in the park, this jacket will keep you comfortable and warm no matter the weather.

Fabric combination

The Keb Jacket is a windproof jacket used for various activities. The jacket is highly water-resistant and wind-proof. It is a unique creation that will suit many different people. While heavy and expensive, it will most likely last longer and is an excellent investment.

The Keb Jacket is ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. It is durable and well-ventilated and has a refined fit. It is made of durable G-1000 Eco fabric for ultimate protection and ease of repair. The fabric combination makes it ideal for all-season use, and its high-tech design makes it an excellent choice for demanding treks.


The fabric used in the Keb jacket is a blend of 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton. This combination makes it highly water resistant while still providing excellent breathability. In addition, the fabric has a nice handle, which makes it feel almost like a softshell. However, it is not waterproof, so be aware that the jacket can get wet.

The main fabric used in the Keb is made of recycled polyester. It is treated with Greenland Wax to improve the jacket’s water resistance and overall durability.


The Keb Jacket is an exceptionally versatile jacket that offers excellent protection against the elements. This jacket’s fabric comprises 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton. This combination makes it water-resistant but not waterproof. As a result, the jacket is breathable and does not restrict your movement while wearing it. Its slim fit and long arm length enable you to move freely. This jacket is also designed to be lightweight and packable, which makes it ideal for travel.

The Keb Jacket is made of two fabrics, one of which is G1000, a unique polyester and cotton blend. This material is water-resistant but not waterproof and is typically waxed for improved performance. Generally, this material is best used in areas that see more movement. It also provides exceptional ventilation and is exceptionally durable.


The Keb Jacket is a warm jacket designed to keep you warm. Its features include side zips and a storm flap over the front zip. It also has a drawstring hem and Velcro cuffs. The hood is adjustable. You can adjust the hood to your liking and prevent the wind from getting inside.

The hood of this jacket looks a little odd, but it performs exceptionally well. It has a wire rim and drawstrings to adjust the hood to your liking. The hood extends quite far and provides tunnel vision while cutting off the wind.

Stacks up to Patagonia Triolet

While the Triolet is a more robust piece of outerwear, the Keb Jacket has a few features that make it more comfortable. Its sturdy and durable design and the hood are adjustable with a shock cord. In addition, the fabric is a durable 75-denier (D) burl-coated cotton. It also has plastic tabs that provide a secure grip and a good range of motion.

The Triolet weighs one pound, more than a quarter of what the Keb weighs. However, the Triolet’s absence of breathability means it’s overkill for summer pursuits. Its performance is still excellent for most purposes, however, and it should last for at least a decade if appropriately used.