Flaunt Your Natural Beauty: 4 Ways to Look Great Without Makeup


It’s undeniable how makeup helps you look flawless, but so is the fact that it only conceals your insecurities temporarily. You are lucky to find your holy grail makeup products that your skin does not react to even after prolonged wear. On the other hand, many are either allergic or suffer clogged pores from wearing makeup, so much that they would rather stay bare-faced.


But not everyone is confident with their natural appearance. If you’re one of those people, you know you learned the hard way that makeup is only a temporary solution that can cause your skin to break out if you don’t care for it properly. If you’re on board with going the more sustainable route, that is using less to no makeup in your daily life, know that it’s not going to be an easy ride either.


It takes discipline, but these lifestyle changes, when combined, can help you achieve a radiant look without the help of makeup. Time can tell when you can recover that self-confidence of going out bare-faced, but your consistent effort will pay off.


  1. Hydrate Regularly


Take hydration like serious business. Water does more than lubricate your body for it to function properly round-the-clock. It also helps keep your face maintain its glow and bounce and keeps it from showing signs of aging.


  1. Eat Healthy


You are what you eat. Eat junk, and you will feel like junk. You can easily feel full when you eat junk food, but just as fast, you can feel your energy crash. That’s because food filled with artificial ingredients can never nourish you the same way as real food.


And when you maintain a bad diet, you are more susceptible to stress. Poor nutrition will ultimately manifest on your physique. Eventually, your joints will feel weak, and your head will hurt from energy fluctuations. Fatigue will manifest the most on your face through pimples, dark circles, and fine lines.


As difficult as it sounds, you have to cut back on eating food with processed sugar. These are found in store-bought bread, noodles, cereals, and snacks. When you excessively consume refined sugar, you ramp up your body’s insulin production. This triggers androgen hormone activity and, in turn, speeds up sebum production, which forms acne on your face when combined with dirt. 


Another food group that increases one’s acne risk is fast food, which is also saturated with fat, aside from being packed with refined carbs. If you’re inclined to eat fast food and other fried food, it will take work to accustom yourself to cooking methods that use less to no oil. But if you keep the end goal of having clear no-makeup skin in mind, you can do it.


If you can, consult a nutrition expert on what diet best suits your body type and which one will address your skin woes. Overall, you want to consume food that cleanses your gut to curb chemical reactions that manifest on your face. You will never go wrong with a plant-based diet when it comes to meeting your daily recommended nutrient intake and effectively cleansing your body of free radicals and toxins, the stressors that make your skin look dull and dry. 


Green tea and turmeric, which are rich in antioxidants like polyphenols are also notable for their acne-fighting properties. Also, prebiotics and probiotics, which are found in most fruits, vegetables, grains, and fermented food, promote balanced microbiota in your digestive tract. These, in turn, assist your body in effectively breaking down food and reduce the chances of irritation that causes inflammation in various parts of the body.


  1. Regular Grooming 


Sure, eyebrow pencils and a good makeup base do a brilliant job making your eyebrows and facial contours appear more sculpted. However, it can never replace a well-groomed face that no longer requires hours-long of makeup application. You can pluck your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers. Or, if you’re a busy bee, you can undergo laser hair removal once a month or as often as your esthetician recommends.


  1. Gentle Skincare


To effectively care for your skin and remove unwanted blemishes, you want to turn your face into a clean slate into which your products can work their magic. And so, always start your regimen with a gentle scent-free cleanser that removes dirt but does not destroy your skin barrier. No matter your routine, never skip moisturizer and sunscreen. 


Overall, you want to avoid products that strip off moisture rather than locking it in, just like those with alcohol and excessive amounts of surfactants. Also, avoid scrubs that thin your skin barrier and, in turn, make your face more prone to irritation and breakouts.




Becoming confident about your makeup-free face is hard work. You have to resist the urge to wear makeup to cover up, or you will have to start over. At the end of the day, taking care of yourself matters most.