Frequently asked questions on woodfire heaters.

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Even in modern times, some people prefer using wood burners during the winter months to keep their place warm and cosy. The indoor woodfire heaters are undoubtedly an excellent alternative to open fireplaces, most notably as they keep the fire contained within the firebox. Unlike traditional fireplaces, these wood stoves have a protected, controlled environment within the firebox, making them very safe appliances to be used indoors. 


However, to ensure they are as safe as possible, you should always buy them from a recognised supplier and get them installed by professionals only. There are manufacturers guidelines, plus local and national building regulations that one would need to adhere to while installing a wood heater. If you are planning to buy a wood stove for your living space, you must have a few questions swirling in your mind probably that have brought you here. If so, continue reading! This article has been written to answer all frequently asked questions about the woodstove. 


Are indoor wood heaters safe?

Of course, they are safe! Indoor wood heaters have gained popularity because they help overcome the safety issues present with traditional open fireplaces. It is considered the best heating appliance that enables you to burn firewood in your home safely and more efficiently. Moreover, these are designed to contain the fire within a metal box and come with a flue to emit gases, smoke, and other harmful particulate materials.


Do wood heaters save money?

Yes, they do in the long term. Initially, you may have to shell out a significant amount of money on purchasing and installation. But in the long run, wood-burning stoves save you money as they help you extract the most amount of heat from every piece of wood and burn firewood more efficiently. Increased efficiency of firewood burning means less use of wood pieces and reduced fuel cost. Hence, they help you keep the overall cost low.


Do wood heaters need electricity?

No, generally, wood heaters don’t need electricity to operate. You will find a variety of firewood heaters that need three things to work: wood, fuel, and initial flame. However, some heaters usually come with an electric blower required to spread the heat around the home. In such heating appliances, firewood is also burnt to generate heat, but for the blower to work, you would need a source of electricity. Depending on your choice, you can pick any!


Are wood heaters good or bad for the environment?

Compared to traditional open fireplaces, wood-burning stoves are far better as they help reduce emissions. Unlike open fireplaces in which a lot of heat is lost through the chimney instead of heating the home. They are good at burning firewood, producing more heat and fewer smoke emissions. However, other factors like the good quality of firewood and the correct use of stoves ensure the least possible impact on the environment. 


Does a wood heater add value to your home?

Woodfire heaters can add value to a house, but it depends on your place, and what the buyer is looking for. Suppose, if you live in a country that experiences hot sunny days throughout the year, it is obvious the buyer will not wish to have a heater installed. On the other hand, if you live at a place where the temperature is usually low, and it is required to make some arrangements to ensure the home is warm, the buyer will love to have one. At such places having a wood heater pre-installed will increase your house value by up to 5%. 


I hope you have answered all your questions after reading this article, and you will now feel more confident in making your purchase. 

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