Garage Clothing Reviews: This Will Change Your Mind

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Today, we will go through some of the most famous Garage Clothing Reviews to see what they say on Garage Clothing, and what are the pros and cons of the brand, we will check some positives and negatives to figure out if you should use them, let’s get started.

Garage Clothing has an average of 1.56 stars out of 72 reviews (reviews are higher on some other sites). Customers who complain about Garage Clothing most typically highlight customer service, credit card, and internet ordering issues.

Garage Clothing is ranked 1275th out of 1275 Women’s Clothing websites. And this is very bad for a clothing brand, let’s see what the reviews have to say either it’s good or bad.

Garage Clothing Reviews

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Positive and Negative Garage Clothing Reviews

To be honest, there aren’t many positive and decent reviews for this brand, but anyways, we will show you some of the positive reviews we found first:

  • I was concerned after reading the reviews, but I chose to order, nonetheless. Shipping took far too long, but the wait was well worth it!
  • I’ve been a long-time customer of Garage. It’s fantastic! The apparel is of high quality. Very fashionable. Everyone in the store is also quite helpful! Very kind and patient. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.

    I once ordered two separate pairs of socks. Instead of one pink and one purple pair, I received two pink pairs. One of the socks still had those ink things on it to keep others from stealing.

    I took it in to the store, and they didn’t mind taking it off, but it was a tremendous hassle. If you’re curious about jean sizes, I’m a size 2 at American Eagle and a size 1 at Garage.
  • In King of Prussia, I went to the garage store. I thought this business seemed cheap at first, but as I got in, I realized it was just my style! Their company is expanding, and I purchased a shirt and it arrived in four days! The individuals that work on the website are wonderful. So dependable! The cloth is difficult to tear. However, their jeans are a little pricey.

After viewing the reviews, the brand may not be so bad, let’s see the negative reviews now, and check why this brand is hated!

  • I ordered a coat, returned it, and the refund was issued to a card that did not belong to me. Customer service gets you nowhere, simply spinning you around in circles until you’re so upset you want to give up. When I paid using Apple Pay, they sent me a bogus email receipt with the credit card number “? 2881.” This appears to be a regular problem with this firm; STAY AWAY! Don’t anticipate any money returned from this scumbag company.
  • My clothing was sent to the wrong address after I ordered them online. I tried calling, emailing, and even going to the store, but no one responded. It’s been three months, and no one has offered me any answers or assistance. I will never buy here again. It’s quite upsetting that similar circumstances have occurred in the past.
  • Okay, so I fell in love with Garages clothing a while back, and it’s completely my style, but then I got a bikini online… top had no padding, which is great, but I don’t care. However, the bikini bottom had a mystery and incredibly disgusting stain, leading me to suspect it had previously been worn and NOT washed. Disgusting.


Is it worth buying from Garage Clothing?

As you can see, there are many bad reviews on the delivery, the online card, the clothes itself, but if you want to try it, there are some good reviews that can back this up, it’s up to you!

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