Get a Cool Night’s Sleep With the Best Cooling Sheets


If you want a more peaceful night’s rest, investing in a sheet set to keep you cool may be your solution. To meet this need, they come in materials like bamboo, eucalyptus, and cotton. Find the best duvet insert.

Noting the cost associated with cooling sheets can be costly, so select those best suited to meet your requirements.


Bamboo fabric is an eco-friendly fabric that’s soft, absorbent, and cool to the touch – providing comfort throughout your nighttime sleep while keeping moisture at bay – helping you feel fresh when waking up feeling rejuvenated and ready for another restful sleep cycle!

Bamboo sheets offer an effective solution for those suffering from hot flashes or night sweats, helping their bodies maintain temperature regulation throughout the night. Being breathable and moisture-wicking, these sheets help your body manage its temperature through the night.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, these sheets will keep skin irritation to a minimum while being machine washable and dryer safe for easy care.

Color selection should be secondary when choosing cooling sheets, with neutral hues like white complementing most styles and decor schemes. Bolder shades like red or blue may stand out more, yet might clash with an area’s decor.


No matter the climate you reside in or want a better night’s rest, cooling sheets are an invaluable addition to your bed linen arsenal. Made of high-quality material designed to absorb and dissipate heat from your body temperature while creating an ideal sleeping environment that promotes deep and unperturbed restful slumber, cooling sheets are an essential upgrade that should never go overlooked!

Fabric texture makes a significant difference in comfort and breathability, so select the material that best meets your needs. Natural fibers like cotton, linen, bamboo, and Tencel make for excellent cooling sheets, while synthetics have their place too.

The ideal cooling sheets are constructed from long-staple cotton carefully combed to remove short fibers for luxurious silkiness. For an economical option, percale cotton offers breathability without becoming damp over time from repeated washes.


Tencel bedding sheets offer natural and eco-friendly materials for those seeking sustainable options. Constructed of eucalyptus wood pulp, Tencel sheets provide an effective alternative that supports sustainability.

These sheets are soft and lightweight, featuring our proprietary Smarty-BandZz(r) technology, preventing fitted sheets from popping out or wrinkling at night.

These sheets are incredibly straightforward to keep clean with cold water and gentle cycle washing, minimizing wrinkles by shaking them out before drying on low heat. For best results, lightly shake out before beginning the drying process.

Thread counts between 400 and 700 are typically optimal for cooling sheets, with a higher line depending, signifying that the material is softer and will last longer. However, be wary when purchasing anything with a high thread count, as this could compromise performance.


If you tend to sleep hot, sheets designed to absorb moisture and keep you cool may help improve the quality of your sleep and help ensure a more refreshing awakening when morning comes around.

Cooling sheet sets come in various materials, from cotton and bamboo to silk and polyester – one of the more environmentally-friendly fabrics on the market. Many prefer polyester because it provides maximum cooling comfort while being low maintenance and easy to care for.

Selecting the ideal material, such as linen, is vital to finding a cooling sheet that works for you. Breathable linen fabric responds well to body heat changes, making it an excellent option for people suffering from hot night sweats or living in hot climates year-round.

Thread count is also essential when choosing sheets designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool, with lower thread counts being ideal as they increase airflow.

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