Get Best Covers For Your L-Shaped Patio Couches

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Spandex Chair Covers is mainly built for enjoying sunny afternoons, lounge parties on the deck, or just simply chilling and enjoying the cool breeze. Outdoor furniture is used for outdoor use obviously but nothing in this world is indeed indestructible, not even the furniture that is made for outdoor use.

Prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, can damage the best quality furniture even with time. L-shaped patio couches are your long-term investment and to make them last for long the only way is to maintain them properly on a timely basis.

In this article, we will see what should be taken into considerations at the time of buying cover for your l–shaped coaches.

Ordinary covers will only protect your couches from dirt and grime but the best quality l shaped couch covers will also protect your couches from the harmful UV rays of the sun and heavy rain. Here are some of the things that you should consider.


You cannot deny the fact that covers that best fit your couches are the best for their protection. So here are some guidelines that you should keep in your mind while taking the measurements of your patio couches.

  • Measuring the height is the first thing that you should do.
  • Take your measuring tape and measure the height from the top of the chair back to the ground. Measure from front to back.
  • Measure the width and then the arm height from the top to the bottom.

Based on the Material

Most patio couches are made of either vinyl or polyester. Both are effective but vinyl gets an extra point. Polyester covers are waterproof no doubt but they are only effective against drizzle and precipitation. They fail miserably at the time of heavy rain or storm as they allow water and snow to pass through. If you think that your area is not prone to frequent weather changes and heavy rain then polyester could be a suitable budget-friendly option. But according to Healthline, polyester is one of the allergic fabrics available. The fabric may cause an allergic reaction like skin irritation, rashes, red marks on the skin, itching, etc. But Vinyl, on the other hand, is the most effective outdoor material. Vinyl is extremely durable and resistant to rain, sun, strong winds, etc. Some polyester covers come with extra vinyl lamination to make them more effective. Vinyl covers also allow proper air circulation that is necessary for preventing mold and mildew growth.

Based on the Climate

If you are staying in regions where snowfalls are frequent then a waterproof cover is a must for your patio couches, especially, when your couches are made of aluminum or wrought iron. If water enters into the holes of the aluminum structure of your couches then it will freeze damaging your couches from inside. If you are staying in a rainy area then you need to cover your patio for protecting it from rust (in case of metal couches) and mold growth (in case of wooden couches).


These are necessary things to consider at the time of buying couch covers. No matter whether your patio couches are of high quality or not covering them is the primary measure of giving them a long life.

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