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We have all the tools you need to create any garden from backyard patios and flower beds to pathways. We also offer sod installation services so we can make your landscape as beautiful on the inside as it looks out!

We here at Rock Pros Landscape Supply know how important a well-designed landscaping project is for both homeowners looking into making improvements or commercial clients needing new spaces in their buildings

We are proud to be the best in everything we do, and you’ll love our service too!


Change the way you look at your sandbox with these easy-to-implement landscaping projects! Offer more than meets the eye by transforming an uninteresting cement patio or path into a beautiful, functional space. From accentuating flowers in their bloom to creating paths for safe playtime outdoors—when we think about what sand can do there’s no limit on creativity (pun intended).

Paver walkways that have cracks or fractures can be fixed by pouring sand between the joints and spaces. You could also add some to your base for aesthetic purposes, but there are other perks too! For example, it helps improve water drainage which makes this a great material in general – not just when we’re talking about pavers since any type of patio will benefit from having more compacted earth below their feet (and avoid expensive repairs down the line).


Loam, clay, and sand are three types of dirt you’ll find beneath your backyard. Loamy soil is the simplest to work with because it’s a complex mix between materials such as silt or organic matter; however, both grains of sand for long enough without retaining water while clays do manage this skill quite well!

Soil is a necessary component to have in your landscape or garden for many reasons. It cleans the air and water, creates habitat for bacteria and earthworms alike; transforms waste into nutrients that plants love! If you need more dirt from rock pros such as our screened topsoil or composted product – we’ve got what it takes.


The most common type of flagstone is sandstone. It’s typically a variety that contains iron oxide and quartz mixed together in varying degrees, giving it an attractive coloring – reds, oranges, or browns with various grays too! This material can be used for patios because not only is it tough enough to withstand weather elements but also looks good while doing so.

A second option available to landscapers are cobbles which come from different sources such as stone rivers where rocks at highlands emerge out onto land before they’re rounded into stones by water currents over time.

The variety of flagstones is as vast and diverse as their natural counterparts, with homeowners being able to create a unique landscape in every way imaginable. From different shapes for specific projects like patios or landscapes; sizes ranging from small stones found on walkways up through boulders used around pools – you’ll never run out of options when using these durable yet versatile rocks!

Why Rock Pros?

The variety of flagstone and soil to choose from is extensive, but a professional consultation can help you find the best option for your needs. There’s also an array in terms of tone so it might be helpful if someone on staff knows what they’re doing!

For all your landscaping and creative design needs, Rock Pros is the place to go. With friendly staff members that are committed to helping you out in every way possible–whether it be sand for a sandbox or flagstone pavers on an outdoor patio–there’s no better option than us!

With our soil, plants can grow! Without it, they wouldn’t be able to survive. We offer top-quality products that will provide you with everything from sand by the truckload or just enough fill dirt for new sod at fantastic prices; we have something perfect no matter how big your landscaping project is and every customer deserves a great deal when working on their garden paradise – come see us today.

Soil has an important role in making sure gardening projects succeed because without any type of ground covering such as earthworm castings mixed into its consistency there would still exist plant life but only minimal amounts.

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