Getting More Targeted Twitter Fans – 17 Killer Methods to Increase Your Twitter Following


Okay, so I might be a little revolutionary here, but I’m going to go on and argue that Twitter is more of a quantity game than this is a quality game. That’s not to express that you don’t want targeted Tweet followers. I wouldn’t possess written this post or else.

In any case, I can’t think of any adverse effects to having a whole bunch of fans on Twitter. It doesn’t set you back anything to have more followers enjoy. It does have a more extensive e-mail list. Just make sure you stick to back the people you want to interact with so they can DM you. Or else you’re missing out on a significant benefit of Twitter.

With that being said, you’ll still need to go try to get targeted fans, so I’m not likely to talk about follow-back lists or even auto-adding tools or even anything like that. I’m speaking about getting legit followers who want to listen to you. Many of them could happen naturally, but some you will have to look for.

Remember throughout this listing that according to Dan Zarrella of Hubspot, and the writer of the Social Media Marketing Book, you would like to try to keep your follower count number higher than your following count number. Data shows that people are unlikely to follow you if you have a more significant 1: 1 following for you to follower ratio.

Typically men and women won’t follow you again after 3 days. To discover the people who aren’t following anyone, check out Twitter Karma. It may be a free tool that works by law (right now) with the Bebo API.

With that being said. Here’s a checklist of how to get more targeted bebo followers.

1 . ) Obtain the most influential people within your niche market and check out their followers. Comply with their followers. These are very likely people who would like to follow anyone (Tip: If you @mention their very own name before you follow these people, you will increase the chance that they may follow you back). Mindful not to follow too many people at a time, or you’ll violate typically the 1: 1 rule and appearance spammy. Try to make this an organic process. Please keep it to 20 every day or so.

This is an excellent process for a VA to do for yourself.

2 . ) Make use of hashtags when posting updates. This permits people searching in which term to find you much more accessible. Don’t spam hashtags. Try and keep it to a max involving two per update and ensure you throw in hashtags (yes, I made that the word) updates from time to time.

Three. ) Use search. tweet. Com or the twitter input box to find people tweeting to your specific search terms. For example, if you need to Tweet about health, you may search for a diet, exercise, health and fitness, biggest loser, etc. Stick to these people and hope for a follow back. Most Tweet management tools, such as TweetDeck, have a search feature built-in that does the same thing.

Four. ) Participate in events which make use of Twitter hashtags. Many webinars and live events, such as #IMS (Inbound Marketing Summit) within the social media and internet marketing area, will use hashtags that permit users to comment on Tweet about their experiences. You can get the interest of many new fans this way, not to mention learn a great deal.

5. ) Get a tailor-made bumper sticker or shirt made with @Yourtwittername on it (Caution: Only do this if you’re confident with being recognized as a complete geek)

6. ) Use a Bebo scheduling tool to twitter throughout the day. The more you use Bebo (and provide quality tweets), the more followers you will get, plain and simple. Different people are on Bebo at other times, normally quite randomly. Most people are not on Twitter all day, nor do they want to be. It can be a single hell of a distraction.

Organizing tweets in advance will allow you to be somewhat active for hours on end instead of in 10 small Tweet bursts. There is a load of tools out there which let you schedule Tweets. I favor TweetDeck for its simplicity. Bad up a few minutes early, timetable ten tweets or so along before hitting the road.

7. ) Be visible! Put your @username on your business cards, electronic mail signature, LinkedIn profile, Myspace page, blog, coffee cup, lunchbox, mousepad, forehead skin icon, etc. I’m as being a little over the top here. However, you get the idea. Just make your @username visible in a large number of places.

8. ) Talk at an event or sponsor a Webinar – When you are visible in the general public eye you should be throwing your own Twitter name out there. Otherwise, actively post this somewhere where people can easily see it (like as a watermark on your slides). Following somebody on Twitter is the simplest thing in the world to do. Avoid just putting up a sign which says follow me on Twitter, though. This is an error a lot of people make. Create our @username. Allow it to be easy for people to find a person!

9. ) Become Confirmed – So this one will only work for highly recognizable stats or people who are in danger of currently being impersonated. Still, if you are in this kind of particular interest group, this is the way to one protect your own against being impersonated, along with two, get a ton of latest followers. People gravitate to verified accounts, so if you aren’t a big name and aren’t verified, go here to Validate Your Twitter Account.

Twelve. ) Get retweeted along with mentions – This one is more tricky because it consists of being good at Tweeting; nevertheless, basically, if you put out fine helpful content and you are generally kind in @mentioning some others, you are going to get mentions along with tweets yourself. Once you’ve piled up some Twitter relationships you may send messages to your enthusiasts asking that they @mention that you their followers to follow anyone.

Check out DanZarrella’s Science associated with Retweets report on danzarrella. Com if you want to learn more about obtaining retweets.

11. ) Develop an excellent background – Once you learn to be a designer or if you are good at designing yourself, make sure that your Twitter background is smooth, calm, and professional looking (note the clever use of very subjective terminology). There are many custom history services online that will do that for you for a few bucks. Only Google “custom twitter background” to find more.

At the very least, utilize a sleek default background; therefore, you don’t look like you just hashed something together. The standard set is better than an improperly done custom background.

10. ) Make following an individual valuable – Make it thus people HAVE to follow you on Twitter to get some package about your service. Twitter offers coupon codes and discounts. Tweets only blog updates. Tweets only personal low-down details. Provide a unique value. This specifically works well for retailers. Anyone can easily apply this, however.

As an example, you can tweet a keyword rich hashtagged tweet and point out all new followers before the end of the day to get something free of charge.

13. ) Go to a Tweetup – Man, I may have got jumped off the geek-strong end here, but this is a great way to not only get more Tweets followers but also meet plenty of cool people. For those who can’t say for sure, Tweetups are real-life face-to-face (gasp) meetings of Tweets users. You could go soccer ball, do karaoke, or no matter what. Some people even wear @username nametags. Odds are you’re not getting connected with everyone there. Most likely bound to get a few fresh followers out of the deal.

Require a notepad and make a list of visitors to follow.

14. ) Maintain a Random Contest: People like free products, especially when they don’t have to do everything to get it. A good example is to give you an excellent and inexpensive prize that may appeal to your target audience to a randomly new follower over a week. Tweet about this more than once a day with different keywords and hashtags, and post it with your blog, email signature, LinkedIn status, Facebook status, and so forth. You’ll get some people who want the goodies, but if you act like you target your bribe (prize), well, you’ll also grab a group of new followers.

This is ideally suited for recruiting several people to Retweet your contest and sweepstakes for you. Think strategically if you are doing this one, and don’t shell out as well considerably on your bribe.

15. ) Post an accurate picture connected with yourself – Unless you are in the business of deceiving your followers, it helps to have a graphic of yourself that explains to you who you are. Commit a few minutes to get all prettied up and take a picture designed for your Twitter profile. Tend to crop a friend out of a graphic. Don’t use your company logo; use the default icon. Write up an accurate picture of you!

16. ) Fill out your profile completely – The best way to get someone never to follow you is by acquiring an incomplete profile. If you list anything in your report people don’t know what you do. All you need to do is fill out a hundred and sixty characters. Fill that sucker out and make sure it attracts your target audience. This will have a significant effect on your follower depend.

17. ) Guest Website for Your Followers – That one can be solid. If you create content for those you follow, you do not simply develop a relationship with them on Twitter. Still, you can also get a hyperlink to your website and benefit from the retweeting of your respective article. Make sure you get your current Twitter name added to the particular post with a link to adhere to you if you’re going to do that for free.

Maybe down the road, they may guest blog for you in turn.

Follow these 17 ideas (or at least a few of them), and you’ll be sure to have plenty of targeted twitter followers as compared to love to read your content. Finding out how to leverage social media to have traffic to your website is an outstanding advantage over your competitors.

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