Ghanda Clothing Reviews: Is It Really One of The Worst?


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There are lots and lots of positive and negative Ghanda Clothing Reviews, and that’s confusing to the client, what can I trust?

Today, I have a solution and a bottom line for you, we will see some of the negative along with the positive Ghanda Clothing Reviews to decide either it’s legit and we can trust it or not, let’s get started.

Ghanda Clothing Reviews

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We will not introduce the company or anything, let’s get straight to the Ghanda Clothing Reviews.

Positive Ghanda Clothing Reviews

As we said before, there are lots of different reviews, let’s start with the good ones and compare them with the negative ones.

Starting with the review of the manager:

  • I’ve been working as a store manager for Ghanda for 7 months now, and I’ve found the company to be incredibly encouraging and inspiring during this time. Management at all levels, in my experience, is fantastic to work with; they are extremely personable, empathetic, approachable, and constantly available, which is fantastic.

While the workplace is fast-paced and there is always plenty to do, you are always met with understanding and proactive answers to any difficulties you may have.

Ghanda Clothing Reviews: In my first seven months, I’ve already been offered the opportunity to develop and expand my abilities, such as traveling to various shops to assist and educate staff and even launching a new Ghanda store, demonstrating that there is ALWAYS space for advancement for employees.

I would strongly advise you to join the Ghanda Clothing team.

  • Working at Ghanda has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. There is always something to do, whether it is folding clothing, conversing with clients, or serving.

    All the personnel is pleasant, and the atmosphere is consistently upbeat. The most difficult aspect of the job would be keeping up with all the customers and clients and talking to them in the authentic Ghandi way. Aside from that, there are no drawbacks to working at Ghanda!
  • Ghanda’s management is exceptional in all areas; they have frequently required assistance and support, and they have always delivered. While they may not be present in the shop, there is always someone you can contact or email and receive a prompt answer.

    My regional manager provides me with a lot of assistance, which benefits both myself and my team.

Negative Ghanda Clothing Reviews

Now, you have seen some good stuff, let’s get to the negative reviews to decide.

  • Poor management canceled shifts an hour before they began, nasty supervisors, treated us horribly, and gossiped behind everyone’s back. Overly aggressive upselling to clients seemed quite strange, as did shoving discounts down their throats, and pressuring them to sign up for stuff.

    The labeling of offers was deceptive and unethical, upsetting 20+ consumers every day. You will not be granted a break on shift until you work more than 6 hours, which is seldom given to casual employees. Working on weekends was only worthwhile; otherwise, compensation was pitiful.
  • A shady corporation that refuses to obey the law. There are no lunch breaks, and employees are expected to work extra for free.

    The area manager was rude and gossiped about the other team members. As you work alone all day, you are expected to do all stock, prepare the budget, maintain the shop neat, and have no lunch. There was no help from headquarters.

Now that we have seen both the positive and the negative reviews, it’s your time to decide either you want to deal with the platform or not.

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Where are the clothes of Ghanda made?

Ghanda Clothing is made in Torquay, Victoria, a tiny surfing town. Ghanda receives a portion of the proceeds from each goods purchased.