Heard of Mangalsutra Bracelets? Here’s All You Need to Know


All of us may have worn or seen someone wear a mangalsutra. After marriage, many brides are seen wearing a long black and gold necklace around their neck that is put on by their husbands to symbolize the love, commitment, and prosperity of their marriage.

It is a big part of the Indian tradition and has been followed for decades. However, the long necklace has become a little inconvenient for many women as it comes in the way when they are working as professionals or doing household chores.

It also doesn’t go with many outfits and is always very present. To steer away from these problems and give the woman the style and comfort they deserve we have the mangalsutra bracelet.

The mangalsutra bracelet for women meticulously combines old traditions with today’s trends and looks super elegant when worn on the wrist. Mia by Tanishq has a large collection of mangalsutra bracelets that are beautiful and elegant.

Image Source: Mia by Tanishq

Comfort and Convenience

The main reason for the creation and popularity of the mangalsutra bracelet is how easy to wear and convenient it is. Many women wear a mangalsutra all their life, or at least for a couple of months after marriage, and always having such a long necklace on them becomes a hindrance.

While doing everyday activities, the mangalsutra can act as an obstruction, to avoid this, wearing a mangalsutra bracelet is a great option. It is super easy to wear. All you must do is put it around your wrist once and get on with your day.

Because the mangalsutra bracelet is light and, on your wrist, we become almost unaware of its presence, which makes working super easy. You can always have the mangalsutra bracelet on your wrist without worrying about it.


The second reason for the popularity of the mangalsutra bracelet is how in trend they are. The mangalsutra has been a part of the tradition for a long but has never updated itself to suit the needs of women today. The mangalsutra is usually black and gold, which doesn’t really go with many outfits.

However, having it on the wrist makes everything look better as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of an outfit. The mangalsutra bracelet looks much more elegant on the wrist, and that is why many women are making the shift towards it.

Trendy Designs

Like there were different styles of the mangalsutra, the mangalsutra bracelet also comes in various styles, shapes, cuts, and designs. You can go for the traditional bracelet with black and gold beads and a centerpiece. If you want to go a step further, there are many options for that as well.

Among the new, more stylish designs are ones with multiple layers of thin gold chains to give the mangalsutra bracelet a cooler look. You can also get ones with diamonds or pearls in the center of the bracelet.

People have also chosen to give the mangalsutra bracelet a personalised touch by adding symbols like an evil eye or even the initials of the husband and wife in it.

Where to Find the Best Mangalsutra Bracelets?

With the popularity of the mangalsutra bracelet, many brands have started to make this. However, many of them can be fake and of low quality which can erode over time and won’t last you as long. If you are looking for classy mangalsutra bracelets that are made of gold and have stylish designs, then Mia by Tanishq is the best place for you.

They have high-polished 14kt gold mangalsutra bracelets in different trendy styles for today’s women who are strong, ambitious, and caring. The designs of mangalsutra bracelets are sleek and simple with a hint of elegance, making them just perfect for you.

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