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Many references in order to HireWriters. com (HW), the latest content broker site, attended across my computer screen currently, so here we are having a look at it. On the surface, HW seems to be an option platform for content writing, but it really is new so most of us want to look into it furthermore before giving it a thumbs upward or a thumbs down.

This initial research took us to the HW home page where the site promotes that a 600-word article can be bought intended for as low as $1. 60. This made me a bit cynical as to how a writer surviving in one of the more expensive world economic climates could make it worth their very own while to write at HW.

As I dug into the website I found that writers can easily advance their credentials along with earning higher fees because of their efforts after submitting a rather low number of qualifying content. According to the information provided about the HW site – At the highest level, a copywriter can earn as much as $10,50. 66 for the same 300-expression article.

New writers start off at the beginner’s level after providing three quality content articles can move to the next level of expertise (General). Extra submissions should then enhance a writer to higher opportunities within the HW local community.

Beginner – This is where everybody starts.
General – A minimum of 3 completed jobs, having an average rating of four. 0 stars and at minimum on-time 65% of the time.
Experienced – At least 7 finished jobs, with an average ranking of 4. 1 celebrity and at least on-time 74% of the time.
Expert – A minimum of 12 completed jobs, having an average rating of four. 6 stars and at minimum on-time 85% of the time.
You may need a PayPal Account

The registration is easy enough, but you have to have a PayPal account in order to get compensated. According to the site, payment is built to you every Friday, in case you meet the $10. 00 minimal earnings threshold.

After registering I went directly to the actual profile page and filled out the actual bio-page information, including excerpts from some of my earlier articles. I’m not sure exactly how necessary any of the writing collection information was as I identified three small projects which simply needed to be accepted to obtain the jobs.

I worked out individual first three projects (about 250 words each) in a couple of hours and developed them. Three days ( actually two and a half) after my articles were found to be submitted I still hadn’t heard back from the write-up buyer as to whether or not this article had been accepted.

I ran across it very bothersome that we had to wait for this mi-longs, so on the morning of the final day, I sent an inquiry to the HW support desk to ask if write-up buyers had to respond in a specific time period. The answer ended up being; 72 hours. If soon after 72 hours the article consumer does not respond, the article quickly becomes approved and you get compensated.

A few hours later my content was actually all permitted and I was awarded $1. 18 per submission. My spouse and I earned my first $3. 84 at HW. Furthermore and the reason I chose to acquire three articles completed at the earliest opportunity was that three permitted submissions take me coming from beginner status to the next level, that is “General” and allow me to publish in a higher paying classification.

Check Out The Article Buyers Figures Before Agreeing To Write A write-up.

Regardless of where you choose to sell your own personal writing talents, it’s important to not forget that your online credentials and character are extremely important when this comes to you getting chosen for any specific content writing job more than another writer.

In the case of HW, your credentials are exemplified by a ranking algorithm that is a combined measure of how you fulfill deadlines as well as the quality of the work. An article buyer may accept or decline the job you submit. If they acknowledge your work they will associate the 0-5 star grade with each article that was accepted. When they decline your work it comes up as a number in the form of a portion of accepted work, within the dashboard.

Fortunately, HW additionally provides a buyer approval ranking, e. g. – Content articles Approved: 66, Rejected: 263, Approval Rate: 20% — If a buyer has bought many articles and has the approval rating, you may only want to shy away. Especially in the beginning when you find yourself trying to build your credentials. It’s a wise decision to only accept content writing work opportunities from buyers with an above 90% approval rating and soon you yourself have submitted eight to twenty articles.

The instant I received the brand-new rating I wanted to look for a great deal better opportunities and this is exactly where I realized a drawback with HW. Of the 60 to two hundred writing chances generally available, only a smaller percentage seem to offer copywriters anything above the level of the starter payment tier. Really up to the article buyer to find out what level of writer they are going to accept.

HW is displaying over 12, 000 authorized writers as I write this particular post, and with only one to 2 hundred or so assignments available at any time you would think the competition will be fierce, but not so. Now I am guessing the lack of competition is caused by even though the top writers usually are qualified to write at bigger levels, the article buyers usually are predominately only willing to pay rookie wages (mostly).

HW’s appearance is good on paper, but it certainly seems to fall short of the bigger paying opportunities it assures to provide more experienced writers. We are going to give it some time to see the way this new site matures, but since long as their article consumers are only willing to pay the lower rates, I believe their future will likely be meek at best. Still, they have an interesting revenue model if HW can figure out how to raise revenues exponentially they may perhaps end up with a real money-maker.

In spite of the writing opportunities, it does turn up that if you are in the market to obtain articles for your blogs as well as online magazines this may be the location to get fair quality producing at bargain rates.

Might be a writer who might be behind on your own writing challenges and need to have something speedily, this may be a perfect opportunity to ensure you get your feet wet with outsourcing tips for your assignments. If you can invest in an article here at HW to get $2. 00 and sell the item somewhere else for $4. 00, or $10. 00, if not more, that’s a huge ROI.


My conclusion is that HW is a reputable website that provides beginning writers the opportunity to get started writing articles for cash. The higher-paying opportunities usually are scarce, but they do exist. You actually likely won’t be able to swap an income at HW, but the truth is could probably pick up ample content writing work to supplement your other revenue-providing activities.

HW also highlights an ideal opportunity for article consumers who are looking to purchase quality articles or blog posts at low prices. During my exploration, I signed up as a document buyer member at HW and posted the need for a new 500-700 article requesting any writer at the “Skilled” stage and offered to pay $8. 50, I think this means $5. 62 to the creator, or about two-thirds of the article writing fee, with the relaxation going to HW for brokering the deal. I logged away from my buyer member consideration to view the submission from your writer’s account side and might not find the request. It took a little time for me a moment to realize the request had already been recognized by a writer.

Given that the particular request was gobbled way up so quickly, I’ll always presume that there is not at the moment an abundance of the higher paying options at HW, but they are available, and if you want to grab one particular you’ll need to be “Johnny on the Spot” in order to beat out the other freelance writers. I’ll also add that the article writer who wrote the article for me did a fantastic job and provided it on time. I’m sure I will utilize them again.

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