How an anti-slip mat allows you to have an impeccable load transportation?

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The anti-slip mattresses answer complex problems

In order to choose the right anti-slip mats, certain information is relevant and must be incorporated into the decision. Therefore, the need to secure the load must be known. The rule is that the mat should be chosen so that the mat does not deform by more than 30% when surface pressure is applied.

The friction force is defined as the resistance against the movement of a body on a surface.

In order to guarantee the best possible securing of your cargo, high friction values are required. And this is exactly what anti-slip mats are suitable for, as they help to increase friction. To achieve this, anti-slip mats must fulfill very specific criteria: minimum thickness, UV resistance, indentation, and tear resistance, and precise sliding friction values.

The drivers of the vehicles also have to deal with complex issues

Basically, the law defines a series of duties a driver of a vehicle has to pay attention to for the safety of a cargo. If you want to transport a load, you must secure and transport the load properly. In case of emergency braking or a tricky maneuver, the load must not slip, tip over, fall or generate avoidable noises. Therefore, legal transportation must be followed at all costs.

Anti-slip mats are a simple solution for heavy loads

What are the characteristics of anti-slip mats?

They are:

  • extremely flexible
  • particularly resistant to pressure
  • anti-slip
  • scratch resistant
  • resistant to tearing
  • impact resistant
  • absorb pressure
  • cushion movements

Among the friction anchoring products, you will find anti-slip mats. When braking or turning sharply or on uneven ground, the load should not move. Most of the time, however, it is not so easy to secure the goods properly due to the shape of the loading area and the forces that occur during transport.

This is why anti-slip mats have become an indispensable piece of equipment. Anti-slip mats increase the friction force, reduce the pre-tension of the straps and thus ensure the stability of the load on the floor. A simple rubber mat is often not enough to meet strict standards. Therefore, it is best to use certified mats! European directives specify how goods must be secured.

Special attention is paid to anti-slip materials such as anti-slip mats. The use of mats ensures a higher coefficient of friction. The higher the coefficient of friction, the safer the load.

Without the anti-slip material, it is difficult to keep the load from moving. With anti-slip mats, you avoid mistakes when securing loads from the start. In order to determine the right size, length, and thickness of the anti-slip mat, it is necessary to know the safety requirements in advance. The loading area must be clean in order to achieve good slip resistance.

Custom-made anti-slip mats are the optimal solution to increase the friction coefficient when securing your load.

During transport, the load is subject to acceleration and braking forces that must be taken into account when calculating safety requirements. The size and thickness of the anti-slip mat must be chosen so that it is not deformed by more than 30% due to surface pressure. According to the load guidelines, this is the upper limit for an anti-slip mat without friction loss. This ensures that the goods do not come into contact with the truck bed to avoid the risk of friction.

It is essential to ensure that there is no dirt on the load compartment floor, especially oil or grease. A clean, residue-free surface ensures more friction and therefore greater resistance to slipping and transport.

They are suitable for repeated use but should be discarded in case of tears, holes, squeezing, contact with oils, and gasoline chemicals. The disposal of this product should be in accordance with local regulations.


Anti-slip mats are an indispensable aid when securing your cargo. Anti-slip mats are important safety aids that have proven themselves over the years in securing loads for goods in transit. Anti-slip mats increase the friction force and prevent your cargo from slipping if the cargo securing devices are used correctly. This contributes to increased safety and the quality of the anti-slip mats meets all requirements for slip resistance of your load. They are ideal for the most diverse types of goods to be transported.

Always put the safety of the driver, passengers, and other road users first. Make sure your load is properly and correctly secured. Inadequately secured loads can be dangerous to all road users due to sudden braking or awkward maneuvers. Therefore, secure the load by force and use non-slip mats! Also, remember that loose objects inside a vehicle can become projectiles. So be careful not to let anything fly. Check the load regularly while driving. This way, you can be sure that everything has stayed in place. If not, you can always readjust. By doing all this, you ensure a means of safe transport for everyone.

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