How are slot machines produced?

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Most gamblers are only interested in how to play UK slot games online rather than how they are built or produced, and this applies to many different things out there. Who cares about how a Smart TV or phone works if they do the job they are supposed to do well?

However, for the more curious individuals out there who are regular slot players, you may be interested to know that slot machines are complex productions involving many different people such as conceptual artists, digital artists, sound engineers, animators, computer software developers, and computer programmers. 

Slots: The Early Years

The first coin-operated slot that was mass-produced for the public was invented in 1894 by mechanic and inventor Charles Fey. It is unknown how long it took Fey to construct the Liberty Bell slot machine by hand. However, it was considered a marvel of engineering back then, while today, it is regarded as the most basic of physical slot games.

During the early years of slot games, the technology available to create slot games was not very advanced. Still, because slot machines proved to be such hits with the public, they did eventually get mass-produced under factory conditions with the most advanced technology available at that time. The beauty of these early slots was that they produced truly random spins created by the player and not a computer microchip which is the case with today’s modern slots.

Keeping The Basics

The 1960s saw the next big technological jump to affect slot gaming when the first electric-operated slot game came into play. The 1970s and 1980s witnessed more new technological advances as modified television sets were used as displays as the earliest versions of video slots.

Despite the developments in technology and the way slot game symbols were displayed, the basics remained the same. All these games had reels, although new reel formats were being experimented with, and all reels contained characters.

Modern Slots

Even today, in this era of video slots, where numerous individuals with different areas of expertise are needed to create a single slot game, the basics remain intact. The significant difference is that considerable advances in technology now allow new slot developers to be far more expressive with what can be placed on the reels of a modern virtual video slot.

Virtual slots have no physical form, and the emphasis is on what can be seen on-screen rather than the design of a slot machine; this is where all the creative input goes. Every potential slot game starts as an idea, or if it is based on a TV show or film, then the characters, settings, and other elements, must be brought to the reels, while other things that may not benefit the slot but are still part of the show or film, must be left out. Places today are all about giving slot players a thrill ride, and when you factor in the sophistication of today’s slot gamers, this is no easy feat to achieve.

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