How blockchain development and solutions are changing your business


Blockchain development and solutions are not only cryptocurrencies. With it, you can optimize various business processes: from verifying the authenticity of goods to controlling the entire supply chain in international shipments. The pandemic has accelerated the process of introducing blockchain into business.

Where can I use blockchain development services & solutions

Blockchain can be used in any area, but it is not always profitable

Blockchain is a continuous chain of blocks with information that cannot be removed or corrected but can only be supplemented. Copies of blockchains are stored immediately on a large number of computers, that is, decentralized. Therefore, if one or more computers fail, the information is not lost. If you want to get a good understanding of this topic, then look at the services offered by Kiss. Software. They provide individual consultations, as well as many eminent clients and good recommendations. With them, you will be satisfied with the final product received.

Why are blockchain solutions necessary?

The main features of the Blockchain Development Solution are confidentiality, the absence of intermediaries, and the speed of financial transactions.

The full functionality of this technology can only be realized with the interaction of hundreds and thousands of participants, so the blockchain is not suitable for local use within one company.

Blockchain brings the greatest benefit to companies with a large number of suppliers, buyers, and franchisees who need to be constantly monitored.

There are no restrictions on the areas where the technology can be used. However, you need to understand whether its implementation is beneficial for the business – a few questions will help with this:

How many parties are involved in the exchange and storage of data?

Are there intermediaries that complicate the process and make it more expensive?

How important is the speed of decision-making and transactions?

Is there a procedure for verifying the authenticity of information?

If the answer to most questions is yes, then the company should think about introducing technology into business processes.

The cost of a commercial blockchain project is calculated individually each time

Project costs vary by country, team composition, industry, project size, development goal, and other factors.

The most expensive blockchain products are developed in the field of real assets – assets that have a material and physical form,

  1. Energetic sphere;
  2. Legal services;

This is due to the scale of projects when corporations or states act as customers.

Blockchain is actively used in banking and finance, logistics, retail, healthcare, and copyright protection.

The most popular tasks that blockchain solves

Allows you to confirm the authenticity and origin of the goods

Distributed ledger technology – blockchain – is a good tool to combat counterfeit and counterfeit products.

So, for retail chains that work with a large number of suppliers, blockchain helps to increase and strengthen the trust of buyers. The technology makes it possible to track the entire supply chain, starting from the manufacturer, and products can be checked for compliance with environmental and other standards.

The main advantages of blockchain development and solutions from Kiss.Software

Increases the security and transparency of financial transactions

As a result, the market is better protected from fraudsters and cybercriminals. In addition, blockchain reduces costs and reduces the time of cross-border payments, which makes financial services available to a wide range of people.

Helps resolve disputes

The data that is recorded on the blockchain cannot be corrected or erased. Therefore, when resolving a conflict situation, you can be sure of the authenticity of the information.

What is the result

Blockchain is a progressive technology, but not a universal solution to all problems. Blockchain improves some processes and remains useless for others.

Each blockchain solution is individual and is created for the needs of a particular business. Therefore, the development and implementation of blockchain solutions is a promising industry that is worth taking a closer look at.

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