How Doctors are Playing a Vital Role in Personal Injury Claims

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Doctors are an integral part of the legal team and are usually at the heart of personal injury claims. By determining who is responsible for an accident, whether it’s the driver, the person injured, or someone else entirely, their work provides crucial information that can help with a fair settlement. Therefore, they play a vital role in claims and might also provide expert testimony if you ever need to go to court (or want additional evidence).

This article shows how doctors play a vital role in personal injury claims

1. Your Testimony is Not Sufficient

The testimony of a doctor is crucial evidence in any personal injury claim case. Therefore, most injuries require you to visit the emergency room, receive immediate medical treatment, and explain what happened to you while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Doctors are not just witnesses in these cases; their work can also help determine the validity of a victim’s testimony.

2. Records of Visits are Evidence

Even if you decide to skip visiting the hospital or just go there on your own, any medical records they have are evidence. This includes your explanation of what happened, whether it involves another party possibly at fault, and even a record of the treatment you received.

This makes doctors vital parts of a claim because their reports can add credibility to your story or help a lawyer file the appropriate lawsuit.

3. Expert Witnesses

When you later meet with your lawyer or even take a deposition, they will bring in experts such as physiatrists, orthopaedic surgeons, or psychiatrists to testify as expert witnesses. They evaluate the evidence and assist in establishing what happened.

4. Caring for Patients’ Health and Wellbeing

This is what makes doctors particularly important in personal injury cases. Each patient has unique medical records that can prove different treatments and inform the doctor’s expertise.

Doctors help their patients manage their health and wellbeing by ensuring they follow the correct protocols before surgery or any treatment they need. They ensure they don’t miss any appointments or follow up on them promptly, so there is no room for error or confusion with patients.

5. Doctors Offer Impactful Results

Whether you go to the emergency room or see your family physician, they directly impact your claim and give you a better idea of what happened to you and who might be at fault.

Even if you choose not to see a doctor for some reason, it’s still possible for them to provide crucial details about your accident, such as the date it occurred or how severe your injuries were.

Getting Started

Knowing how vital doctors are in personal injury claims and what they can do to help you or your lawyer determine whether a case is viable makes them ideal witnesses to have on your side. If you visit a doctor after an accident, whether that’s an emergency room or just a family doctor, it’s essential to pay attention to the details they provide. This is all crucial evidence that can help with the next steps in your claim.



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