How long does a master’s thesis take to write?

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Anything between a week and forever is correct! But of course, that is not the answer you are looking for. It needs a bit of explanation. A more accurate response would be IT DEPENDS. Get the best master thesis help to complete the toughest paper in days, allowing you to graduate or focus on other more profitable engagements.


The difference between taking a week on your thesis and forever is the strategy you use while writing. Some students have abandoned their Master’s studies altogether because of the thesis. Others enjoy working on the thesis despite family, personal, and work commitments.

What will determine how long it will take to complete the thesis? Here are valuable insights to consider.

Choice of topic

The topic you choose for your Master’s thesis will determine your writing experience. One topic may require more extensive reading because of the scope. Another topic comes with the need for data collection and analysis. The amount of work implied by your topic will determine how long it takes to complete the paper.

How can you choose a topic that takes a reasonable time to complete?

  • Choose a specific topic- a specific topic sets the boundaries within which you can research. You avoid spending time on ideas beyond your limits. For instance, you can study financial disruption out of the covid-19 pandemic with a special focus on a country or continent. Avoid a wide scope that will take too long to complete and also deny you the chance to exhaust the ideas you desire to express.
  • The topic must be researchable- the parameters to be investigated in the topic must be academically viable. A researchable topic is one where you can find scholarly materials and data. You will not struggle to achieve the desired length or to prove your point. Discuss the topic with your supervisor to improve clarity.
  • Choose out of passion- passion makes a topic easy to handle. If you love a subject, you can go to any length to make sense out of it. Passion helps you to generate ideas faster. It also allows you to work long hours without fatigue. It reduces the time taken to complete the paper.
  • Identify a subject within your scope- each student has an academic scope. At the Master’s level, you can only handle a particular level of thesis complexity. Choose a topic within your scope because it will be easier to generate ideas and develop a critical discussion.

Discuss the topic with your supervisor. Check samples of other Master’s theses on the area and compare your perspective. With an interesting, strong, and relevant topic, you will be done with the thesis in a flash.

Time dedicated to writing the paper

The intensity of a Master’s thesis demands time. You need to read a reasonable number of books for your Literature Review section. It is the ideas you obtain from the Literature Review that you discuss when presenting data.

Besides reading, thesis writing requires data collection, analysis, and presentation. You may have to interview respondents or prepare questionnaires. Once you collect the data, you must prepare the presentation section. Such fieldwork takes time.

Upon completion of data collection, you have to draft many other pages. The methodology section, discussion, references, and summary, among other chapters. You also have appendices to prepare.

Reschedule your plans to complete your thesis faster. Forego some of the social events and excuse yourself from family gatherings. This happens to create room for you to complete the paper faster. You will resume normal life upon completion of the thesis.

Are you getting writing help?

Get help writing the dissertation and it will take a shorter time. The intensive work of collecting data, preparing databases, drafting, and editing, among others, will be overwhelming. It is even likely to take a mental and physical toll on your health. Get help to finish your paper faster.

Thesis writing help comes from numerous sources and in a variety of formats. Here are reliable sources of help that will reduce the time taken to complete your paper.

  • Your supervisor- utilize the experience and expertise of your supervisor. Supervisors understand writing instructions better than anyone else. They know credible sources of high-quality samples, templates, and examples. A supervisor will help you to choose a strong, relevant, and researchable topic. A supervisor will jumpstart your thesis writing whenever you hit a dead end.
  • Thesis helpers- these are professional writers working online. They take over a part of your thesis or can choose to draft the entire paper. They work 24/7 to deliver your paper in days. They allow you to focus on other more interesting or profitable activities.
  • Writing apps- you do not have to type every word. You also do not need to draft every citation. Apps will also help you to edit your paper in real-time instead of having to hire an editor in the end. Writing apps come with all features you need to complete your thesis. Check reviews to help you choose the more reliable app. It will reduce the time takes to complete your thesis as well as save money on hiring professional help.

The help you get determines the quality of your paper. Hire professionals and use credible apps whenever you need help. Avoid plagiarism or online scams to ensure a decent experience.

The quality of space you are using to write

The quality of space and time you use in your writing determines the time it takes to complete the paper. Quality space means an ergonomic chair that does not strain your back. It will allow you to work long hours, reducing the time it takes to complete your thesis.

Quality space also means a desk free of distractions. Avoid writing your paper near the television or couch where people engage in uninvited conversations. Choose a desk where you can work long hours without distraction. It will also improve the quality of your discussion, resulting in an insightful paper.

Take charge of your Master’s thesis. Set personal deadlines and use all the resources that can help you to write faster. Engage helpers, ensuring that they meet the required quality standards. Take a break once in a while to rejuvenate the body and mind, helping to increase your writing speed in the process.

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