How Much Do You Save With Solar Panels? A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you buying solar panels?

You’re making the right choice alongside 2 million installations in the United States. With home solar panels, you’ll contribute toward a sustainable future. It reduces your fossil fuel use and carbon footprint.

However, your primary goal for investing in solar panel systems is energy savings. How much do you save with durable solar panels? Read on and find out.

How Much Do You Save With Solar Panels?

The amount you’ll save depends on various factors. The number of direct hours of sunlight and your roof’s size and angle will play important roles. However, your local electricity rate is the most critical factor in determining your savings.

Calculate your current electricity bills per year. For example, the average American household uses 10,649 kWh annually. Multiply your yearly consumption with $0.13 since it’s the national average electricity rate.

With these figures, you’ll spend around $1,450 each year on electricity bills. It’s the average, but electricity prices are volatile. Consider the utility rates in years to come.

However, it’s more likely for electricity rates to increase over time. It’s the current trend. Over the past ten years, the national costs increased by 2.2% annually.

Do Your Electric Bills Go Away?

Having solar panels in your home won’t mean your electric bill goes away forever. Your property will continue getting them as long as your home is on-grid. However, it doesn’t always mean you’re paying money.

The net metering policy allows you to get credits on your electric bill. If your solar panels make excess energy, you can send it to the grid. It allows you to get energy during the night without paying for it.

When receiving your monthly bill, it includes your net metering credits. Using them means you won’t pay for your on-grid energy use. If you exceed your credits, your utility company will charge you as normal.

How to Save More With Solar Power

If you want to save on your installation fees, Blue Raven Solar can help. Once you decide to buy home solar panels, you can save even more money with our tips.

Use Appliances During the Day

It sounds obvious, but a lot of homeowners miss out on daylight solar power consumption. If you use heavy appliances like your dishwasher or washing machine during the day, you’re using free energy.

Clean Your Panels

Dirt and other debris make your solar panels less efficient. If your roof is dangerous, let professionals clean your system instead. They have the right skills and equipment to ensure your panels make the most energy.

Add a Battery

Batteries store solar power to use after sundown. If you export 12 kWh a day into the grid, it can power your home until the morning.

Learn About Solar Panel Prices Now

How much do you save with solar panels? Hopefully, this guide helped answer your query. Use these to save on energy while making use of a more sustainable energy source.

Did you find this guide helpful? Consider reading our other posts to learn more today.

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