How much liquidizer do I need for waxing?

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Want to cut down your spending on vape juice? Well, you can do that if you just simply buy the vape concentrate and then develop your own vape juice with the wax liquidizer. It is easier, pretty straightforward and the vape juice comes out as good as store-bought.

If you are a regular vape user then you already know how costly it is to buy vape juice every now and then and smoke it consistently and how quickly it all vanishes into the thin air, literally. But there are other alternative ways that people are now using to develop their own vape juice that is 100% accurate, allow you to instill the flavor of your choice, and one-tenth of what you are paying regularly to acquire the vape juice cartridges from your local vape store. How is it possible? Two words; wax liquidizer.


What is the wax liquidizer?

Wax pure liquidizer is a synthetic product that is used in the processing of many chemical products and it usually works as a base bringing together the esteemed properties of one or more substances and holding them together to give sustenance and shape to the end product. It consists of lab-grade propylene glycol and the most used element in the production of vape juice is vegetable glycerin.

Propylene glycol is thinner than vegetable glycerol and is odorless which makes it an excellent vape juice developing substance and it is also able to stabilize products which here means the various blends and chemical aspects of the vape juice.

What kind of mix ratio should be used?

To answer the very question that has brought you here; it is essential to use 2ml of wax liquidizer to the 1 gram vape concentrate. This is the ideal mixing ratio right here which means that if you have got 2-gram vape concentrate then ideally the proportion of the wax liquidizer would be 4ml and vice versa.

How much time would the vape juice last if it has been mixed with a wax liquidizer?

It should last as much as the store-bought vape juice lasts because it is ideally the same procedure that is being employed for the production of the vape juice. So, even if you use a wax liquidizer, after the successful development of the vape juice the whole thing should last for more than 6 months if left in an air-tight compartment.

wax Liquidizer

Can you use the wax liquidizer in any vape pen?

It doesn’t matter what kind of vape device you are using as long as it supports the inclusion of vape juice in it you can use the wax liquidizer built juice in any of it. It is best to start at the lowest possible voltage to initiate the burning of the juice to release the flavor and then continue to increase the voltage as needed or until the required heating point has reached. This way you will be extracting the max flavor from your vape concentrate.

On another note, if you have got yourself a sub-ohm tank then it is not recommended to use the wax liquidizer with it. But even if you decide to make sure that the e-juice doesn’t taste harsh or kind of burnt because if it does then it means your voltage settings are too high and you should maybe tone it down a bit. There is another possibility that your coil has been broken because if it is the coil then turning the voltage up or down would have no effect whatsoever and at the end of the day, you would have to replace the coil.

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