How Soccer Has Become the Biggest Sport on The Planet

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Over the past decade, soccer has exploded in popularity. Now, it’s the biggest sport on the planet, with around 3.5 billion fans worldwide.

Of course, soccer didn’t magically become the most popular sport of all-time overnight. There are many, many specific reasons why it’s become so popular – and this article is going to explain them to you.

So, whether you’re a diehard soccer fan or someone who is looking to become more educated on sports, here’s how soccer has become the biggest sport on the planet:

Sports Betting – It’s a Huge Market

Let’s start with an interesting part of modern-day soccer: sports betting.

Nearly every sport, from basketball to American football, has a betting culture behind it. However, soccer betting is on a whole different level in terms of fun and popularity, which is why millions of people do it as a hobby.

When you bet on a soccer game, it automatically makes you more engaged in the outcome. For example, if you’re watching a game between 2 clubs you don’t know, you can make it more interesting by placing some bets.

Plus, soccer betting odds are more exciting than they’ve ever been before.

TV Deals

TV deals are another important reason why soccer is so popular.

Companies such as Sky Sports and NBC have the right to broadcast the Premier League, which is the most-watched soccer league in the world. Due to the fact that Sky Sports and NBC are easy for fans to access, it’s no surprise that viewing figures are off the charts.

However, TV deals aren’t just limited to the Premier League. Pretty much all major leagues – from the MLS to La Liga – are broadcast by big television networks and streaming services. This is great, as it means whichever club you support, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to watch their games on live TV.


Sponsorships are an essential part of the soccer world. Without them, clubs wouldn’t have the funds that they do for marketing and buying players – meaning soccer’s global outreach would take a hit.

Clubs and players get sponsored by a variety of different companies and organizations. For example, Real Madrid is sponsored by Emirates, the renowned airline.

Player Marketing

These days, soccer players aren’t just here to kick a ball around – they’ve now become brands.

How they perform off the pitch is just as important as how they perform on it. Social media engagement is a very important part of being a modern-day soccer player and is ultimately one of the key reasons why so many people become invested in different clubs and players.

Cup Competitions

Lastly, cup competitions.

Cup competitions are the source of soccer’s biggest viewing figures. The best examples include:

  • The World Cup (which takes place every 4 years)
  • The Champions League
  • The FA Cup
  • The EUROs

These competitions are usually rich in entertainment which is what makes them so unmissable. Without them, soccer wouldn’t be the global force that it is today.

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