How to Choose the Best Plumbers in Canberra

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Poor plumbing can cause many problems for you. Whether it is your broken faucets and drainage lines that need fixing or you need to unclog drains, a professional plumber can help. 

Also, you reduce the chances of cross-contamination in the water pipes through regular checkups. However, there are thousands of plumbers in Australia, so choosing the right one is tricky. 

Here are the factors you need to consider to choose the best Canberra plumbers.  

License and Certifications

Licensure is the mark of professionalism and expertise for any technician. Plumbers need to handle pipe installations, drains, and sewage systems. 

Water damage is a common issue in Australia, with almost 77% of residents suffering from such incidents. That is why regular maintenance is necessary. Any damage in such intricate work can cause many financial problems and health hazards. 

To work in a demanding profession like plumbing in Australia, the technicians must have a license.

In Canberra, the capital city of Australia, one has to undergo an apprenticeship of four years and earn a certificate III in plumbing. After that, they become eligible to work as professionals in the country. If you want a more experienced person to handle your case, search for plumbers with a certificate IV. 


Another fundamental factor to consider while looking for Canberra plumbers is insurance. Plumbing jobs make the technicians prone to accidents. If the plumbing company you hire does not provide insurance to its technicians, you could pay for such accidents. 

So, to save yourself the hassle and better protection from the plumbers, it is better to hire one with insurance. The most common form of plumber insurance in Australia is the public liability insurance that the general contractors provide.

Simultaneously, in case of a low-quality job done or any damage to your house, the insurance policy will also reimburse the homeowner. Therefore, you should never overlook the importance of insurance and bonding. 

Experience and Professionalism 

For this, you have to do some thorough research online. First, go through client reviews for each plumbing contractor to get a clearer idea about their skills and work history. Also, the way your plumbing expert approaches the work speaks a ton about their expertise. 

For instance, an experienced plumber will not start working straight away without properly inspecting the property and the issues at first. 

Usually, a good plumber will also suggest different solutions to the problems before starting the project. This will give you a better chance at comparing the prices and choosing the most suitable option. In addition, the portfolio of the plumbers will tell you about the kind of projects in Canberra they handled and the years of experience they have. 


You also need to consider the types of services the plumbing contractor offers and compare the upfront pricing. For instance, do they offer 24/7 service? This is a vital question since you might face an emergency and need an immediate solution. 

This is also the reason that you hire from a local area. There is no point in hiring a plumber a mile away if you live in the capital city of Canberra. However, there are quite a few options from which you can surely find the right one if you look hard enough. 


As single-unit housing and home renovation increase in Australia, the demand for plumbers also rises. Plumbing is a basic necessity that keeps the house running smoothly. However, to find the right plumbing technician in the capital city or any other place in Australia, you need to make some effort. 

Keep the factors mentioned above in mind while searching, and you can find the best plumber in your area without trouble. 

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