How to Choose the Right Challenge Coin Company for You: A Guide


Challenge coins are all the rage these days. They make for incredible collectibles and can be the perfect gift for those who work for your company, support your organizations, or serve our country.

There’s no limit to how you can use challenge coins, or what you can sue them for. But you can be sure that the people who receive them are going to cherish them.

But if you are new to the idea of creating challenge coins, you might be wondering how to get started. You’ll need to hire a challenge coin company that will make the process super easy for you.

Just how easy it depends on the challenge coin creator you choose. Keep reading for a few tips on choosing the company that’s going to help you create some really unique, cool challenge coins with ease.

Type of Coins Offered

Different challenge coin companies will specialize in creating different types of coins. Some focus on coins for service members, such as those who serve in the military, police force, as a firefighter, and so forth.

Others focus on retail-focused customers. University coins are also commonly seen in a challenge coin collection. And some lucky companies get to design and create the presidential coin, which is often distributed directly by the president to various groups of people serving the country.

The presidential coin is usually altered and design by each president, so they change every few years. This is especially true for President Trump. On multiple coins commissioned by Trump, designs reflected his presidency more so than the country or its accomplishments, thanks to flashy designs and campaign slogans.

But you can bet your money that if a company is creating coins for various governmental offices, then they can create a coin that is perfect for you. Presidential coins are a unique aspect of challenge coin history, and collectors are always on the hunt for these.

Styles of Coins

Most coins are small, round coins with a design etched on either side. And while this style continues to be the most popular, thanks to its timeless, elegant aesthetic, it’s not the only option available.

If you want a unique coin, that expresses your own challenge coin meaning, you can choose a company offering various other styles. These can include coins with other shapes. For example, a diamond shape, or even the shape of an anchor. You can also choose to use the shape of an existing crest or logo that you have.

You can find a company that creates spinner coins, which have a centerpiece inside the coin that spins freely of the outer layer of the coin. These make for excellent gifts and can also act as a fidget spinner, meaning recipients are likely to hold these every day.

You can also choose bottle opener coins. There are various bottle opener designs that can be integrated into your coin, creating a unique shape. And the best part? If done right, it doesn’t look like an outright bottle opener, but it still looks like a challenge coin.

There are many other styles of challenge coins available today, so be sure the company that you choose has multiple options available to you.

Edge Choices

The edge of your challenge coin is an important design factor, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Different companies will offer different edge styles, and some offer many different styles free of charge.

Aside from a standard edge, some of the popular options include a rope edge, a chain edge, a spur edge, a beveled edge, a cross-cut edge, a reeded edge, and others. They add texture and grip to the coin, while also adding an extra layer of sophistication.

Consider what edges are offered by the company you choose, and how much extra they cost if they aren’t free.

Is Artwork Included?

Artwork is one of the most important components of a challenge coin. And it takes professional graphic designers, who understand the process of minting challenge coins, to create a finished product.

So whether you are a business owner or leader of an organization, you aren’t going to be able to design the coin yourself. Reliable companies have designers on staff that will be able to take your ideas and create a unique design that is perfect for you.

The best companies offer free artwork, as well as multiple revisions, so that you can really refine your idea and get it just right before minting a coin.

Price Breaks

Challenge coins are always purchased in batches. The more that is made at one time, the cheaper the process of production is supposed to be.

And these savings should be passed on to you. When choosing a company, check out its pricing structure. Are there price breaks on certain volumes of coins?

Do you have to purchase thousands of coins in order to enjoy savings, or does the company offer savings at volumes of 100 or even less? Companies can normally make batches as low as 50 in volume, so search around for a company that can work with the numbers that you need.

Also, when viewing the pricing, remember that there will likely be a mold fee involved. Once your design is finalized, a mold will be created so that it can mass-produce the coins quickly.

Shipping Policy

Challenge coins are small and light. Even if you order a large amount, it should be a relatively light package. Therefore, shipping should either be very cheap or free. If you are paying a lot for shipping, then the company is trying to make extra money off of you.

This isn’t a bad thing, as companies need to pay the bills. But there are many challenge coin companies that provide free overnight shipping on any sized order. So if savings are important to you, look for those companies.

This is also perfect for those needing coins on a tight deadline. If a company offers overnight shipping free of charge, that could really save you a lot of heartaches.

Choosing the Right Challenge Coin Company

With all of these factors in mind, you have the information necessary to choose the right challenge coin company. Choosing a great company over an okay company is what will separate your coins from the pack, creating a true collectible that people will want to hold onto forever.

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