How to clean sofa at home – check it now!

How to clean sofa at home


In this article, we will mention some important guidelines on how to clean sofa at home. Being a property owner you must like to maintain the appearance of your living room, and for this reason, you need to make sure that your sofa is cleaned and maintained regularly. It is a fact that sofa sets often become damaged because of various reasons such as accumulation of dust, spillage of oils, and so on. Let us go through this article and find out the various ways in which to clean the sofa at home

Cleaning a fabric sofa

There is no doubt that fabric sofas are elegant and will help to enhance the value of your room. Nevertheless, they become stained very easily and you need to maintain them which can be rather time-consuming in the long run. Before everything else, it is important to comprehend how to clean the fabric sofa at home. Following this, you need to inspect the material of the sofa and figure out whether the manufacturer’s marks are okay or not.

  • Tag from the manufacturer.
  • Instruction.
  • W – It implies that water-based cleaners can be used easily for cleaning the couch without any chance of spoiling it.
  • S/W – It implies that the couch must be cleaned with the help of water-based solutions and chemicals only.
  • S – As per the instructions, you will only require solvent-based washing agents.

Getting rid of stains from the fabric sofa

Clean the entire surface of the sofa carefully after taking a broad brush. Because of this, the pollutants and dirt will come to the top. Even though you can make use of a soft cloth for cleaning the fabric, you should try to stay away from using colored materials in case the couch is white in color.

Make sure to vacuum up particulates such as pet hair as well as food scraps by employing a portable vacuum cleaner. In this way, it will make the cleaning process less cumbersome in the long run.

It is possible for sofas to get a slight smell over the course of time which can become aggravated over time. In that case, you can make use of sodium bicarbonate or a fabric deodorizer for cleaning the sofa at your house. This process will help to get rid of the stains very easily. Allow the sodium bicarbonate to stay on the sofa for approximately 20 minutes, and then vacuum it up. It will be advisable for you to perform a spot test on the sofa in a small area.

how to clean sofa at home
how to clean sofa at home

It will be a fantastic idea to clean the fabric sofa with the help of white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate or other household items for keeping it free of any stains. Add some white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to a container full of dishwashing liquid. Allow the solution to remain on the stains for around 10 minutes after smearing it directly on them. Clean the surface comprehensively using a towel. Make sure to stick to the recommendations mentioned on the package and perform a spot test if required.

Get rid of any additional moisture from the sofa using a dry piece of cloth and let it air-dry for several hours for getting the best results.

Cleaning leather sofa

There is no doubt that a leather sofa is comfortable and luxurious and will help to improve the room’s appearance significantly. Nevertheless, leather sofas can become vulnerable to grime, stains, as well as tears over time. Therefore, it is important to maintain the leather sofa properly so that it can serve you longer.

how to clean sofa at home
how to clean sofa at home

Guidelines for cleaning leather sofa at home

Re-shining the leather sofa – Combine white vinegar and water in equal amounts for making a solution. Pour the solution into a muslin cloth and soak it. Make use of a dry piece of cloth for wiping down the sofa to get rid of any remaining residue carefully. Clean it again using a muslin towel to get the desired results.

Getting rid of dirt and grime – This can be done by using a solution of vinegar and olive oil. Begin by using vinegar for spraying the sofa and make use of a cloth soaked in olive oil for cleaning it comprehensively. Otherwise, it will also be a sensible idea to make use of warm water and hand soap or dishwashing soap for getting the results.