How to create a country kitchen

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Whether you want to update your current kitchen or add more of a rustic charm to an inner-city space, these tips will be able to help you achieve the country kitchen of your dreams.

Choose your colours

Usually, when designing a country kitchen, most people tend to go for white as their focus colour. This makes sense as the neutral tones offer more space to the room. Although white is the safer option, you can use bright colours to give your kitchen that country-effect. It doesn’t have to be on the walls of your kitchen. Add some life to the cabinets or even some of your appliances. The cooker or the fridge could be a good place to start.

A kitchen remodeling can bring about a lot of overwhelming decisions to make, but we are here to help. You can lean on our decades of experience to help you design every detail of your new kitchen, from the flooring and cabinetry to appliances and every single lighting and plumbing fixture. 

Think about patterns

Adding hints of country-related patterns can help bring your kitchen to life. Common patterns associated with the country are usually plaid blankets or tweed, but don’t be afraid to push the boat out! Woodland and farm animal prints, florals and stripes all look good when based against a rustic backdrop. The patterns you decide upon can be reinforced in accessories you use around your kitchens such as oven gloves, tea towels and mugs.

It’s all in the detail…

If you want your country kitchen to have more of a rustic rather than modern look, adding some antique details to your kitchen will give it that much more of a traditional feel. Think about the minor tweaks and adjustments you can make to give it a country feel. For example: replacing your dining collection with pre-owned ones give your kitchen a more ‘lived-in’ feel. Also, by adding small ornaments such as hanging plates on your walls to elevate the space. You could also consider other antique furniture such as clocks, decorations and lighting.

Mix and match your design

When designing your country kitchen, the best thing to remember is that there isn’t a set design. It doesn’t have to look perfect, which allows you more room to mix and match with your design. How you do this is entirely up to you. It might that you choose different taps for your sink, add different handles for your cabinets or have four different chairs around your dining table. These minor touches will add more charm to your kitchen, making it look more carefree than a modern kitchen. You don’t have to break the bank to find mismatched furniture. Hit up a market or local car boot sale and you will be surprised at what kinds of accessories and furniture you can find.

Keep everything on display

Country kitchens are known for their open nature. This means they don’t need to have a polished and pristine look like modern kitchens. Having an open space can make your kitchen seem homelier and more lived-in, reinforcing this country vibe. How you can achieve this is through having glass doors to your cupboards, showing off your collection of crockery from plates, mugs and bowls. Sweet touches like adding hooks on the back of your door, or picture hanging systems on the walls are nice places to hang aprons and tea towels. It’s the small touches that will help make your kitchen more welcoming.

Now that we are in an age where people are spending more time in their homes, why not do something to make it feel cosier and more comforting? You don’t have to take on this challenge overnight, but with these tips, a softer and simpler style will add the country feel to your kitchen. Furniture, flooring, whatever it may be – make it somewhere people feel like they are in a home away from home.

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