How to Download Movies On Firestick without any problems?

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In today’s time, all of us have access to a large amount of content of all kinds of movies, shows, and series. It doesn’t matter whether you use your smartphone, smart TV, iPad, computer, or any other electronic device. You can access a large amount of content. 

You can easily stream movies and your favorite shows through Amazon Fire Stick too. However, you can’t directly download any series or movies on Firestick owing to its low storage.  

So today, we’ll help you download content from platforms like Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and many more, to your Firestick without any problems. 

How to Stream Movies on Fire Stick?  

The main and the easiest way to access good quality OTT content is to download apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more services on your Fire TV Stick. 

You need to install the appropriate app, and then you can access your desired content. For most of the sites, you will need a subscription. If you cannot afford these subscriptions, there is a cheaper alternative to unlimited stream content. 

Not every service is available on a single OTT platform. You might have to bounce from one provider to another to find the site which has your desired content. You can also check out this detailed article on to find reliable FireStick Apps for Movies.

How to Download Movies on Fire TV Stick? 

If you wish to download certain content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and stream it on your TV, Kodi is the solution you require.  

You might be wondering what Kodi is? Kodi is a media server system that takes a little effort in its setup. It runs smoothly and is preferred by most individuals.  

Once Kodi starts to function, it works excellently. It needs to be installed on your Fire TV Stick and whichever computer you set up as a media center

Here is how to download the Kodi app and to make it work the right way:

 1. First, on the home screen of the Firestick, open “Settings.” 

2. Next, go to “Device and Developer Options.” 

3. Find the “Allow apps from unknown sources” option and turn it “On.” 

4. Go back to the home screen of your Firestick. 

5. Search for “Downloader” by using the search utility and downloading it.

6. Open “Downloader” after its installation and allow it to access your media, files, and photos. 

7. The downloader will take you to a URL, click on the URL and select “Go.”

8. Select the recent build-up of the Kodi app and install it.  

9. Next, come back to the home screen of your Firestick.  

10. Opt for “Your apps and games,” find Kodi from here, and then wait before you launch it.  

11. Next, download Kodi on the device with all your media files.  

12. Open Kodi on your computer/ laptop.  

13. Opt for the gear icon from the settings.  

14. Go into “Service Settings” and choose UPnP/ DLNA.  

15. Next, turn the “Share my libraries and all options” to “On.” 

16. Then, open the “Kodi” app on your Amazon Firestick now. 

17. Now, select “files” from the left menu and then “add videos.”

18. Choose “Browse” and tap on “UPnP Devices.”  

19. Next, choose “Video Library” and tap on “Choose.”  

20. Finally, rename the library. 

If you follow the given instructions correctly and in sequential order, you will be able to stream and download your favorite movies on the Fire TV Stick.  

The Kodi app is believed to be exceptionally good at managing itself and can easily find the other Kodi app, link with it, and then stream directly.  

This is a cheaper alternative to watch content that requires a subscription and is convenient to use. But, most importantly, ensure that you have a good network before starting this installation and setup process. 

How to Play Movies Through Plex? 

You can even play your downloaded movies on Amazon Fire TV Stick through Plex from the store app of Amazon.  

You are just required to connect the Fire TV Stick with the computer using the Plex app and play directly. To do this, both you should connect your Firestick and Computer to the same Wifi network.  

You need to search for the Plex app on the Amazon Store app, install it and set it up to stream and download movies on your Fire TV easily. 


There are two ways to stream and download movies freely and conveniently, one being the Kodi app and the other option being the Plex app. You should follow the setup procedure of both apps systematically so that they function smoothly and work efficiently.  

Amazon Fire TV Stick is very popular among people these days. It can play all the OTT platforms on its own. 

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