How to Find Trending Videos on YouTube


YouTube is more than a simple video hosting and sharing service; it is the world’s second-largest search engine with numerous ways to discover trending videos. To learn more, check out

Discover new ideas by watching videos created by competitors that cover trending topics. This can provide valuable inspiration for designing engaging and timely content.


Trending videos on YouTube can serve as an inspiration source while also increasing visibility by getting it seen by more viewers.

YouTube’s Trending page showcases videos that are popular across various regions worldwide. This section relies on viewer count and the source of those views for its selections.

To keep track of when specific keywords are trending on YouTube, tools like Tubebuddy and VidIQ are invaluable resources. Both certified SEO tools allow you to track trends as they happen while also showing the search volume and trajectory for each keyword – which can assist you with making informed content choices for your YouTube channel.


Twitter can also provide an easy way to find trending videos. When someone goes live on Twitter, their video becomes searchable as an individual tweet. Furthermore, Twitter Trending pages show you topics with lots of traffic.

Watching other people’s videos can also give you ideas for your own. For instance, if a famous sound being used on Instagram or TikTok pops up often enough that it could feature in one of your videos – saving the popular one may increase the odds of receiving a feature! Just make sure not to create too broad or repetitive content, or else audiences won’t connect as effectively.

Google Trends

Trends can be an excellent way to foster creativity when crafting video content for popular search terms. Trending videos provide excellent sources of inspiration when writing titles and descriptions for videos you produce. Using tools like VidIQ will allow you to analyze the search volume data of these trending videos.

Google Trends provides abundant organic data, from current trending topics and seasonal fluctuations to evergreen content with long-term potential. Utilize this resource for optimal content creation!

Create a video that addresses popular searches around holidays or events that occur seasonally to ensure it remains relevant for users at the right time. Use tools like Semrush to verify whether your chosen keywords are trending with high search volumes.


YouTube can provide a fantastic source for trending video ideas. Search YouTube videos to see what topics are currently popular, and use those hashtags in your video. Also, please look at your competitors’ videos and see which tags they used in their most successful ones.

Tubebuddy or VidIQ can help you quickly identify trending videos by searching your niche keywords, then providing you with a list of videos currently ranking for that term on YouTube and Google.

Remember that hashtags can distract viewers and push them away, so only add a handful to your video description. On the other hand, too much hashtag use may also negatively affect your Audience Retention score.


The YouTube Trending Videos section can be an excellent source of ideas for video topics. While not personalized, this tool provides a curated list of trending videos that can give you content creation ideas.

Be sure to also pay close attention to the comments section on these videos – though sometimes harmful, commenters often provide valuable insight into what viewers would like creators to cover on particular subjects.

When dealing with severe trends like the coronavirus epidemic, videos must create with care and empathy to reach as broad an audience as possible. Doing this will ensure that they get beyond niche communities.

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