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How To Locate My Android Phone – We all are using Android smartphones these days, and every year all the mobile companies are launching their latest Smartphone to woo the mind of the customers with all the cool features. However, one of the prime issues that have been triggering in every user’s mind is that what if my Smartphone gets lost while traveling. As in this online digital age where almost everything we are doing online, mobile security has been the most vital issue. 

Since making online payments via UPI apps has been the latest trend in the market, thieves are mainly targeting mobiles these days as selling a brand new Smartphone can also fetch them a good return, or they can hack any of the installed mobile payment apps to steal your money. 

How To Locate My Android Phone – Therefore, ensuring complete security to your Smartphone has been the most significant priority these days, and so if for any reason your phone gets lost, you must know how to track it down. So, in this blog, we are going to put some light on this very issue.  

How To Locate My Android Phone

Here, we will share all the helpful tips by which you can quickly locate your lost phone.   

1 . Locate Your Lost Phone via Google Account: – Well, one of the easiest ways to track your lost phone is all from the Android makers, Google itself. Yes, many people are unaware that one can easily track down their lost phone via Google account itself to share with you the entire process.

Open Google from your pc and then type ‘find my android‘ or’ where is my phone. Here, the first search result will show a map containing the last location of your android phone so, once you find the location of your lost phone, there are few things that you need to do. 

How To Locate My Android Phone – Here, you can turn on your phone’s ringer even if it is on silent mode. Then what happens? Your phone will ring for five minutes, so if the phone is there in your home, you can easily find it this way. But what if you lost the phone while traveling or in transit? In that situation, you can quickly secure your mobile so that no one can access your data. For that initially, you need to set up a password on your Android that only you will have access to. 

Then, you will have to send a message to the phone that anyone who will find the mobile can contact you directly at this specific number. Apart from that, alternatively, if there is no chance of accessing or finding your mobile, then you can install ‘Google find my Business App.’ 

2 . How To Locate My Android Phone– From here, by using this app, you can track everything regarding your phone’s location very quickly. Track Your Phone by your wireless carrier: – Another way of tracking your phone is by your wireless carrier. If your phone is stolen or lost and you are not finding any way to get it back, then immediately what you can do is lodge a complaint with your wireless carrier to lock your phone, and alongside, you must lodge a GD at the nearest police station. You can also remotely lock your erase your device.   

3 . You Can Track your Android phone with the IMEI number:- Well, to track your lost android phone with an IMEI number, you have to download a 3rd party IMEI application like IMEI Tracker-Find My Device. However, it will be much better to use Google’s Find My Device for tracking your phone. 

4 . How To Locate My Android Phone – Track Your Phone By Third-Party Apps: Apart from that, many third-party apps are available on the Play store that also helps track your lost device. Apps like Life 360, Lost Android, etc., are some of the popular ones that use GPS to track your phone all in real-time, and also some apps let you read SMS, call forwarding to lock your phone.


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