How To Make A Gift Basket & Look Like A Pro

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Now, if you want your gift basket to be even more meaningful, we also have a surprise for you. We will show you how you could make a gift basket with ease. 

First, you need to come up with a concept of what your gift basket is going to be about. The reason is, not every gift basket has to be the same, your basket can be unique and still reflect your care and thoughts. So, we highly suggest you come with a theme. Some common themes can be: Christmas, Halloween, chocolate …, some even more unique themes for gift baskets could be: Meat, spa or wine. Check Out  Online gifts canada deals for more inspirations. 

Second, you will need to find a “basket” for your gift basket. The fun thing is, there are no limitations to what your basket will be. For example, you are planning to make a Halloween gift basket. You could carve the pumpkin as Jack O’lantern, put a handle around the pumpkin, and you have yourself a nice basket. Here is the one tip we have for you, when you are working on the basket. Your basket might just start off as a carton box, a bucket or could be anything. But, with care and some decorations, your basket will truly be the best gift basket they receive. 

However, there are some notices about your choice of the basket.

  • It is ideal to use a container that has “bucket” shape or “cube” shape because it is easy when you build your basket
  • Make sure that there is enough rooms for your presents to fit in
  • A strong rope could be used as the handle for your basket.
  • If you are using carton materials, be careful with rain and water, it will damage your basket. Try to put an extra layer inside the basket if you need (newspaper is an excellent choice).  

Third, you need to find the “soul” of your baskets, which is also what you are going to fill the basket with. Now, we are not fortune tellers, so there is no way we will find out what you might want to put in your gift basket. However, we have some unique suggestions that would blow your mind. Have you ever thought of a super tiny gift basket filled with perfumes or jewelries? Sometimes the basket doesn’t need to be filled with something big and tall (like ordinary gift baskets). It could be something tiny and delicate. 

Finally, after hours and hours of hard work and dedication, you have finished building your basket. Now here comes the final step, you will need to wrap it up. The reason is to prevent your basket from falling apart, or maybe to surprise your loved ones. Therefore, the materials are everything. Ideally you would want to choose sheer fabric, tulle or cellophane. You could use bright color to highlight your basket, to make it look more spectacular, or dark color, so it looks more mysterious, the choice is yours. Once you finish choosing the right color and material, it’s time to wrap it up, and make sure to use a blow dryer to make your basket look even better

How To Make A Gift Basket & Look Like A Pro 1

Good luck with your gift basket! 

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