How to Make Your Mobile Photography Look Just as Good as Professional Images

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Some say size matters, while others say it’s not the site. It’s how you use it. Maybe not the right comparison when it comes to mobile photography. However, one thing similar in this case is that it’s not the camera itself that takes a picture. It’s who takes the concept and how it is taken. A half-decent mobile phone can speak the whole tale in the right hands. In the wrong hands, even the most expensive DSLR camera is useless. No one is a born photographer. You learn as you go. If you want to be a good mobile phone photographer, go over some basic mobile photography tips to make you a better photographer.  


A good Quality Smartphone Matters 


It would help if you had the right tool for the job. Like any other trade, you must have a good quality smartphone with an advanced camera feature to take good quality mobile photography. A basic smartphone with point and shoot camera option will not allow you to take good quality mobile pictures. So, before you go anywhere, do yourself a favor and invest in a good quality smartphone.  


By good quality smartphone, I’m not talking about a $1,200 Samsung S21 or the latest model of iPhone. A mid-range camera like Samsung A70, costing around $500, will do the job in the right hands. Of course, the more advanced the camera feature, the better control you have and better photography. If you are on a budget, get a midrange smartphone with decent camera features.  


Reading, reading, and even more reading 


There is no limit to how much you can learn. There are plenty of resources online on being a better photographer or on mobile photography tips and tricks. There are also a lot of YouTube videos on mobile photography that you can go over. Just start learning and keep watching those excellent tutorial videos. At the same time, keep practicing with your mobile phone. This time magazine article talks about mobile phone photography, which is a good read for beginners.  


Get to Know the Camera Features in your Smartphone 


What good is the latest and greatest gadget if you don’t know how to use it? A good quality smartphone will have many camera features to get yourself familiar with. Read the camera manual, which very few people do. Most of us think that we are born good, and we can take good photos just by ourselves. We will figure this out, no need to read the manual. Manual is for grandmas, etc.  


There is nothing manly about not reading your camera manual. It is the wisest thing to do. People who made the phone and the camera know your camera best. So, if you are to learn how to use it properly, you might as well learn from the horse’s mouth.  


Using the Grid 


All half-decent camera phones will have an option to turn the grid on. Using the grid, you can use either center the object or use the third rule to focus more on the thing you are shooting.  


Most people shoot, keeping the object or model in the center. In reality, the picture looks more professional and brings more attention to the thing if the third rule is used. There is plenty of article on the internet on what management of third is and how to use it. Make yourself familiar with this concept, and you will be a far better cameraman.  


Photo Editing 


No matter how much you learn about the photograph and how good your pictures are, there will be a time when you will take an amazing photo that will require professional-level editing. This photo editing will make the photo look stunning even more. You might want to use some images on your social media accounts as a hobby photographer. Maybe you want to build a photography portfolio for yourself. If you want to display your work or use it for commercial purposes, a professional photo editing service is considered. These people will make your photo speak and tell the story.


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