The way to Open Dell Laptop computer Core i7 | seventh Gen | Engineering 7.0 |

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On this video, I confirmed tips on how to open Dell laptop computer core i7 simply.

The way to Repair Sleep and Over Heating Drawback in Dell Laptop computer Core i7, seventh Gen:

The way to Restore Laptop computer Battery:

The way to Clear the Inside of Laptop computer OR The way to Clear Grime Inside Laptop computer:

The way to Make USB LED Gentle at Residence:

How To Use Digital Multimeter (DMM) Straightforward to Perceive | In Urdu/Hindi |:

The way to Make a Collar Mic Solely in Rs/-70 for Cell or Laptop computer:

The way to Set up a New Amplifier Circuit in Your Burnt Amplifier and The way to Make Connections:

The way to Make a 12V Battery Charger | Half-Wave Rectifier | AC to DC Convertor |:


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