How to Prevent Bugs from Ruining Your Backyard Time

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While insects play a vital role in the ecosystem, their biting and buzzing can help ruin your backyard experiences. Your backyard can be a great place to chill and relax during the warm seasons, and you’ll enjoy your time out there, even more, when pesky mosquitoes, flies, and other insects aren’t bothering you. 

Even though these insects typically enjoy warm weather as well, you don’t have to hang out together with them in the backyard. Here are few ways you can ensure they don’t end up ruining your backyard time;

Gazebo Screens

Gazebo screens are arguably one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes, flies, and other insects at bay. If you go for the frameless gazebo curtain option, you won’t need to change the structure of your gazebo, which will, in turn, help save you both time and money. 

Fixed-attachment gazebo screens, probably the most cost-effective and popular solutions, entails wrapping the structure with a black, see-through mesh. Bothersome insects won’t be able to pass through the screens or curtains.

Attract Birds 

As much as birds can be fun to watch, they can also be used to control and deter pests. Most birds that hang in the backyard eat seeds, berries, and, most importantly, insects. Attract these birds to your backyard by planting small trees and twiggy shrubs for cover. You can also install a fountain or birdbath, and then put a bird feeder so that you can encourage them to visit often and make your backyard their home. 

Always Cover Food

Barbecues and picnics are most people’s favorite summer pastimes. With that said, it’s not only your family and friends who’ll find the smorgasbord or platter you put out inviting. To ensure you don’t have insects crashing your party, always try to keep your food covered as much as you can when entertaining. 

Ban Standing Water

Insects and bugs love areas where there’s standing, or still, water bodies nearby, and are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Ensure you unclog your gutters and fill in all the sunken areas in and around your yard so that they can’t collect water. You should even change the water in your kiddie pool or birdbath regularly so that these little critters can’t multiply. 

Remove Attractants 

Garbage cans and dumpsters can be a great breeding place for flies. Ants also like eating the sticky residue on the recyclables you throw out. Ensure that all your recycling and trash can stay covered. You can also consider moving them away from the yard’s main entertaining spot. This could be where the grill or gazebo is. 

It can sometimes be hard to control pests in the backyard because of how expansive the environment generally is, however, there are a few things you can do to ensure you still get an enjoyable backyard experience when chilling outdoors. Don’t let insects keep you away from your yard. Hopefully, this article has shown you how you can keep those pesky and bothersome insects at bay once and for all. 

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