How to Protect Yourself from Aggressive Dogs


While most people have heard stories of horrific dog attacks and bites, everyone loves a well-mannered, amiable dog. Aggressive habits in any breed can eventually lead to aggression if “man’s best friend” is not properly nurtured. However, it is not always possible to predict which dogs are vicious and may attack you when you are out in public or at someone’s home. You can file a dog bite claim, but you must hire an experienced lawyer because it can improve your chances of winning.

Methods for Handling an Aggressive Dog

If you see a strange dog or dog acting aggressively, reduce the likelihood of an attack by:

  • Stay calm and avoid rude behavior. If the dog is chasing you, you may want to cross the street to avoid getting in its way. However, you should not turn around and run away as this may make the dog more interested in chasing you.
  • Most dogs will retreat in response to certain stimuli. Carry a water spray bottle or whistle if you live in a neighborhood with lots of loose dogs or dogs that scare you. Some people have success in luring their dogs with treats.
  • If the dog starts approaching you, tell it to stop or back off. Even basic commands like “no” or “off” positively affect some dogs. Even if you want to come across as a leader, avoid making eye contact or flashing your teeth when you smile because these actions can be interpreted as threatening.

How To Avoid a Dog Attack

Your primary goal in a dog attack is to avoid serious injury. Let’s see how to protect yourself from a dog’s attack.

  • Large Dogs

Large dogs usually target the face and neck area. Therefore, if you have a cane, hold it across your body. If you don’t have anything to use to block the attack, raise your knee to put some space between you and the dog.

  • Small Dogs

Small dogs often target the ankles and backs of the legs. Therefore, pushing your arm or leg against the dog’s shoulders or back can help you leverage your weight.

  • All Dogs

Resist the urge to run away whenever a dog attacks you. Attempting to move the dog away from you will not usually break the bite, but it may worsen your injuries. Dog attacks may be motivated by the perception that the victim is the victim.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

If a dog bites you, immediately seek medical care and assistance from police enforcement. Clean your wounds and gently press on them to halt minor bleeding. Also, consult the doctor for tetanus or rabies vaccination. Inform your local police of the event and offer as much information about the dog’s owner as feasible. Also, inform the dog if you discover a stray dog.


By all means, if the dog does bite, fight back as hard as you can while protecting yourself from harm. If possible, use a solid tone of voice to command the dog to sit or leave the area. It may scare the dog, but it will also let people know that you are in trouble, and they may come to your aid.

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