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How To Safely Shop Online – Shopping online is such a great thing. With such convenience comes so many advantages. However, it can also be dangerous. Never shop from vendors that look untrustworthy. If a shopping website appears unprofessional, has missed seller information, or has a bad contact page, don’t use it.

Look for reviews of the website. Be sure to check the website for reviews by other consumers. Shopping Safely Online is about being smart and is learning to protect yourself.

Never give your financial or credit card information to an unknown source. Check the website for testimonials by other consumers. If you are ordering through credit card, ensure you have the option of using a secure server and/or picking up the product at a local retail store instead of the website.

How To Safely Shop Online – Make sure to keep personal and financial information secure when shopping safely online. Secure pages usually have a “secure lock” icon in the url area. Be sure to enter the payment information only in encrypted areas. Never send your financial or credit card statements through an unknown website.

Always verify the legitimacy of the website before giving away sensitive information. Many sites, including online auction sites, are just out to get your money. A good tip to remember when shopping safely online is never to give your credit card number in the “field” unless you know the website is established and reputable. If you do get ripped off, report the fraudulent credit card company and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

10 Online shopping safety tips

  1. Research retailers online to make sure they’re legitimate.
  2. Make sure the website is secure.
  3. Know your rights and the company’s returns policy.
  4. Keep software and virus protection up-to-date
  5. Use strong passwords for online accounts.
  6. Don’t use public wi-fi.
  7. Pay using a pre-paid credit card.
  8. Be smart.
  9. Check reviews on external websites
  10. Read all terms and conditions

Protect Your Identity

How To Safely Shop Online – Never respond to spam emails asking for your financial or credit card details. Be wary of links in email that look suspicious because they may be leading to another website that you don’t want to go on.

How To Safely Shop Online – Also, protect your identity from people on public wifi networks. Hackers can access public wifi networks and obtain your personal information. Keep your social security number, passwords, PIN numbers and any other information that you think might be valuable locked up in a safe place where only you and the authorized people have access.

How can I tell if an ecommerce website is genuine?

  1. Contact details. A legitimate store will have contact details on its site.
  2. Customer feedback.
  3. Whois lookup.
  4. Website encryption measures.
  5. Google Safe Browsing.
  6. Look and Feel.
  7. Check Reviews

SSL Certificates

How To Safely Shop OnlineOne way to make your online purchases safe and reliable is to always check to see that the website is protected against hackers. If the website is protected by an SSL certificate, this indicates that the private information is encrypted so that your personal information cannot be intercepted. Make sure that you use a trusted merchant or third-party site to make your purchases. Also, avoid giving your credit card or debit card information to a website that you are not entirely sure of.

Online Shopping Scams

How To Safely Shop Online – Online Shopping Scams is very common and usually starts by one person contacting another person, claiming to sell them something they actually do not, and then taking money for it. Online shopping scams often involve unscrupulous scammers impersonating actual online retailers, either via a false website or an altered ad on a real store website.

The scammers will often target either women or children who want something for their birthday or Christmas shopping, but can’t seem to find it in stores. There are ways to protect yourself from being a victim of these scams, and you should consider using these tips before ordering from an online retailer or after you have ordered online. These tips will help you avoid being a victim of Online Shopping Fraud.

How To Safely Shop Online – A well-known method used to encourage consumers to hand over their credit card information is the promise that your credit card information will be safe via a free gift. These gifts may come in the form of a free discount, free shipping, or a coupon for some service or product. Scams involving online shopping scams often use these same types of gifts in order to get personal information from people who visit their websites.

Fake Online Reviews

How To Safely Shop Online – Fake online reviews are often used by scam artists as a means to swindle innocent victims of unnecessary fees and worse yet, actual credit card numbers. As innocent-looking as fake online reviews may seem, they can cause many consequences for shoppers who visit websites using them.

In the case of swindlers, these results in at least a temporary loss of credit score and a decrease in shopping opportunities. For honest shoppers, however, using fake online reviews can be downright dangerous, and can cause many potential problems with both the buyer and the website they are visiting.

How To Safely Shop Online – Online reviews are often viewed with skepticism because people are naturally more prone to believe information that they read straight from those they personally know. However, the credibility of fake online reviews is also frequently thought to affect the bottom line of an e-business, and this can impact the financial bottom line of a business – ultimately resulting in lost sales and a diminished economy.

To combat fake online reviews, online shopping venues should take precautions that go beyond creating a flashy website and hiring sales staff to aggressively answer questions and guarantee customer satisfaction.

How To Safely Shop Online – While it is true that consumers tend to be cautious when purchasing products off of the Internet, it is also true that a few simple pointers can help curb the number of fraudulent transactions while still preserving a safe browsing environment for consumers.

How To Safely Shop Online – One of the first steps is for an online shopping venue to develop a solid policy for dealing with fraudulent transactions and have a system in place for tracking such activity. Another important pointer is for consumers to purchase only from a trusted source.

Finally, although it may not directly affect your bottom line, it is important to make sure that all policies and procedures are clearly laid out and that there is transparency regarding the removal of products if they prove fraudulent.

 Using Payment Gateways

How To Safely Shop Online – The use of a payment gateway has become more common as online shopping becomes more popular. A payment gateway, also known as a virtual payment terminal, is a secure online payment solution that allows consumers to make safe purchases online, from any location with an internet connection.

How To Safely Shop Online – Payment gateways act as a sort of go-between for the financial institution, merchant and consumer, providing them with the ability to conduct business on an ongoing basis without the need to hold or handle money directly. Using a payment gateway, consumers can complete secure transactions right from their homes, keeping their credit card information secure and private.

Payment gateways provide consumers with added convenience to enhance the online consumer experience. Typically, consumers will add items to their virtual shopping cart, store gift cards and other payments in a secure place, and enter their personal information and password to complete the transaction.

How To Safely Shop Online – Consumers can easily establish a new account and keep their personal payment information private and securely stored, so transactions are often virtually instant with a simple click of the mouse. Some payment gateways even allow users to pay off their balances at any time by simply depositing the funds into their bank account. Consumers can also use these accounts for online bill payment, allowing them to avoid the hassle and time wasted by mailing out bills.

Most Popular Payment Gateways

  • PayPal.
  • Stripe.
  • Square.
  • Worldpay.
  • SecurePay.
  • Braintree.

Once a consumer has completed a transaction with a payment gateway, the information is sent immediately to the processor of choice, who then verifies the information with the company whose information it is. The processor will usually look at the batch of information provided by the gateway and verify the validity and legality of the request.

How To Safely Shop Online – If all the necessary checks are passed, the transaction will go through and the processor will then deduct the appropriate charges from the consumer’s bank account. The entire process takes just seconds and allows for convenient and secure online purchases. So when it comes time to purchase that much-needed item, take a second to consider the options between having the item shipped directly to your home or paying a bit more and doing it online.

Common Payment Methods

How To Safely Shop Online – The most common payment methods available for online shopping are classified and help to highlight the most important ones. Credit, debit, and Prepaid Cards Payment: Consumers can enjoy shopping adventures from all over the globe using a credit card or debit card as a method of payment.

How To Safely Shop Online – This method of payment is also widely used by the merchants to accept card payments for their business. Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards, also known as gift cards, are like pre-paid checks. They are considered very safe and reliable because they are impossible to counterfeit.

Other common payment methods include Bank Wire, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Neteller, PayPal, Telephone Money Transfer, Mobile Payments, and World Wide Web (WAN) Payment. Bank Wire is a fast and efficient way to transfer money to a friend, family member, or business partner.

How To Safely Shop Online – There is no need to mail paper check or send it through any other process such as money transfer agents or couriers. Debit Cards are easy to carry and can be used at any ATM or credit card machine. A debit card can also be used as a gift for someone, which makes them very popular.

Common Payment Methods

  • Cash.
  • Checks.
  • Electronic bank transfers.
  • Debit cards.
  • Credit cards.
  • Mobile payments.

Another option for those who make frequent use of online shopping is online money transfer through electronic transfer services. They are popular because they offer faster transfer of money than other methods. Neteller is another popular method of payment among online merchants and buyers who do frequent online shopping. Payments can be made with credit cards, e-checks, and cash. Neteller allows easy and quick transfers of money to and from the seller and buyer.

Shopping Safely Online

How To Safely Shop Online – Shopping online can be a fun experience but it is important to consider what you are doing before you shop. You must make sure that your computer’s security protections are up-to-date, and that you have allowed the update of your security software. Take this advice to help make online shopping safer and more enjoyable.

4 Great Tips

Stay Safe: Do not give out your credit card information to someone you do not know. Make certain your computer has adequate security protections (anti-virus, firewall and internet security updates, and all the latest security additions). Also, beware of sudden messages and pop-ups.

How To Safely Shop Online – Avoid Giving Out Personal Information: In order to stay safe shopping safely online remember to treat all the financial information you give out like private and keep it on a secure pad. Never give out your social security number, or your date of birth, or the address of your family members. Always be aware that some internet sites use cookies to track your internet usage so they can provide relevant ads based on your browsing habits.

Be Careful When Sharing Your Personal Data Online: It is very easy for online shopping sites to capture your personal data such as name, address, credit card numbers, bank account information, and many other sensitive personal data through public wifi networks.

Hackers can also use “social engineering” techniques to trick you into revealing even more sensitive information. Therefore, while it may seem safe to shop online from public wifi networks, make sure to use a reputable shopping site that uses encrypted connections and secure data encryption.

How To Safely Shop Online – Think Safety: If you do happen to shop online from public wifi spots then never enter your credit card details anywhere on the web site. Instead, type in your credit card details through the secure pad provided, and then pay by inserting it.

This not only protects you from hackers and other online scams, but it also helps you save on fraud and identity theft. If you must store credit card details on the web for some reason then use an offline, trusted site that only accepts payments through encrypted data transfer.


How To Safely Shop Online – Shopping Safely Online may sound easy but it is actually not. There are many things you can do to make sure you are getting the most from your online shopping experience and that your financial information is kept as safe as possible. While it may seem simple to protect your details at first glance, paying attention to the following hints may help you stay safe and your privacy is kept in place:

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