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Today, I will guide you through the way to know how to shop online Bershka, and before that, we will know if it’s worth or not by a little review, and we will also see some previous experiences of customers who know how to shop online Bershka, let’s get started.

How To Shop Online Bershka

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Bershka has various reviews, some of the customers were amazed by the products, and some others liked neither the product nor the service, let’s see some of the opinions to decide either Bershka is good or bad.

how to shop online Bershka? Reviews

How To Shop Online Bershka: As we said, before I quickly tell you how to shop online Bershka in the FAQs, we will see some of the reviews starting with the positive ones.

Positive Reviews:

  • Excellent communication skills! Delivery was quick! Beautiful high-quality goods! Bershka is one of my favorite stores to shop at! Strongly recommended! Thank you so much for a wonderful buying experience!
  • I’ve recently purchased multiple times from Bershka in the space of two weeks, so far, their delivery has been amazing, and the quality and prices are brilliant, the only slight issue I found was there were these jeans I fell in love with the style of so emailed if they would restock the size, I knew I was, they replied saying how they were now discontinued in that size and wouldn’t restock so I returned them. So far, I’m pleased with the goods 🙂
  • I purchased the black Twill thin trousers, and they arrived the next day! They’re my new favorite pair of pants since they’re so comfortable. Topshop jeans are quality for a fraction of the price; I wholeheartedly suggest these.

Now, let’s get to the shocking negative reviews.

Negative Reviews:

  • I placed order 40056344726, returned it, and it was delivered to Bershka on 12/1/2021. I requested a refund, but I have yet to get it.

    When I contact your online chat, they always state there is an issue with an internal department and don’t provide any details. I want my money returned or I will file a lawsuit.

  • The sizing chart is incorrect, and the customer service is appalling. I spent $94 on clothes I can’t even wear, and they won’t let me return them since their return period is absurdly short.

    My box alone took two weeks to arrive. They also do not give free returns, even though it was their error for not correctly measuring their products.

  • I placed my purchase some weeks ago and have yet to get it. I contacted Con customer support through email. They first offered to “find” my order. Then they sent me an email saying they couldn’t find it and offered to resend it or cancel it.

    I requested a cancellation, but instead received an email stating that it had been shipped. I tried phoning and emailing to cancel my order, but my communications were ignored. So, we’re still waiting, and who knows whether it’ll ever come. Customer service is a source of dissatisfaction.

  • I purchased shoes expecting them to be clean and fresh, however, they appear to have been worn with scuff marks and arrived broken.

Now, after you have seen all the positive and the negative reviews, we can say that there are some big problems with Bershka, but also, some people are agreeing that it’s a perfect deal, I guess you have to try it yourself if you liked it!


How to shop online Bershka?

The easiest and best way to shop online from Bershka is to go to their official website, then you will find the best items that are offered, and there’s an advantage that the service is provided in most of the languages. Then, you can choose the payment method and all set.

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