How to Shop Online in SM? Your Best Guide

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Today, I will guide you through the way to know how to shop online in SM, and before that, we will know if it’s worth or not by a little review, and we will also see some previous experiences of customers who know how to shop online in SM, let’s get started. Best way to find Sam’s Club membership Renewal Discount.

How To Shop Online In SM

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“SM Malls Online is SM Supermalls’ newest online shopping app. Shop from reputable retailers, restaurants, and Cyberzone. Have all your items sent with a single delivery cost or pick them up in-store. It’s the perfect shopping buddy, bringing the excitement of SM Milling to your phone!”

The last para is summarizing what SM is, it’s a good service for some people, but before we say how to shop online in SM, let’s get to the customer reviews and see if SM is good and worth it or not.

How to shop online in SM? Reviews

How To Shop Online In SM: SM has a total of 2.8 stars out of 1,37 reviews only on the play store. Eh, we can say it’s not very decent, but it can do, let’s just see why the customers are complaining, and either SM is any good or not starting with the positive reviews.

Positive Reviews:

  • The app’s user interface is excellent since there is no unnecessary clutter. Ordering from several businesses in one order basket and paying only one delivery charge is a fantastic option.
  • The app’s user interface is fantastic because there is no unnecessary clutter. Ordering from several retailers in one order basket with a single delivery charge is a fantastic option.
  • Simple to use. I ordered my lunch, and it was ready for collection when I arrived. I’m hoping they’ll extend to SM Santa Rosa, where I reside, soon.
  • Wife desperately needed her contact lens supply. On a Saturday morning, I ordered from Ideal Vision and received it right away. Fantastic update

Now, after we have seen some good reviews, before we get into knowing how to shop online in SM, let’s see the shocking bad reviews and the problems with the app.

Negative Reviews:

  • Poor, there was no delivery choice for the grocery store I intended to purchase from for the first three days. And when the app offered a 50% off sale at various stores, I couldn’t select my address location because it kept offering me alternatives that weren’t my address, and when I typed my postal address, it didn’t appear on the…
  • If I close (rather than log out) – just close the program I need to login in again, retype my email/mobile number, and wait for the OTP. This is something I will do EVERY TIME. Close the application. It is exhausting to have to retype your email/mobile OTP. Simply utilize the SM App. Please, Team, resolve this. Instead of enjoying internet shopping…
  • Items were missing from the delivery. The app’s Contact Us function is not operational. There is no way to raise an issue using the app. When I raised a complaint via email, I received no answer.

Now after we have seen the pros and cons, let’s get to our main question in the FAQs.

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What’s the best way to shop online in SM?

It’s very easy to do, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the SM Malls Online App.
  2. Enter your location and choose your favorite SM Mall.
  3. Go shopping at your favorite stores and eateries! …
  4. Review your cart and then click Checkout.
  5. Double-check your checkout details.
  6. Choose a payment option and enter any promotional coupons you may have.
  7. Order Number and Order Confirmation Email will be sent to you via the app.
  8. Track the status of your order for delivery or in-store pickup.
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